Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit: Give Me Mocha

Again another Wet N Wild product I will be reviewing today! This time it’s their liquid lipstick in Give Me Mocha. Like the Photofocus foundation, I have been waiting for an eternity for these to arrive! Give Me Mocha is the colour that caught my attention. Let’s review!

When I look at the packaging, I see a resemblance with the Jeffree Star’s Velour liquid lipsticks. I don’t know what the formula is like with those, so I can’t compare them. I do like the packaging, the transparent tube makes it easy to see how much product is left and the cap has an attached doe foot applicator. The applicator has a J shape, fitting the shape of the lips perfectly.

I am notorious for my descriptions of colours and this one will be nothing different. Give Me Mocha is a rosy brown lipstick in one light and a terracotta brown-red colour in another light. Confusing, I know. Give Me Mocha is pigmented but you have to be careful when applying cause it can be a bit streaky. Otherwise, it looks really beautiful.

DSC_1616DSC_1625[1]Before I begin tearing apart this product, I do want to mention one good thing about the formula. It feels lightweight, it doesn’t feel very heavy on the lips. However, once the formula has dried, the Liquid Catsuit begins to pull at my lips. The pulling makes it very uncomfortable to wear and that’s one of the reasons why I’m on the fence with this product. The Liquid Catsuit is also extremely tacky. It’s so tacky that when I put my lips together, I have to pull them apart. Not even joking. They are just stuck to each other. On the pictures below, I applied one layer on the first picture and a second layer on the second picture.


There is also something very annoying about the formula except for all the items listed above and as mentioned before being streaky. Being that when you put your lips together, product transfers from one lip to another. Leaving behind a blank spot on your bottom lip for example. It’s not pretty to look at. Excuse the horrible horrible swatch but because I put my lips together, the product didn’t only transfer to the inner part of my lips but also the corners. It’s just a mess.


That being said, the Liquid Catsuit does last a really long time. Probably because it is stuck to your lips. Of course, like any other lip product, they do wear off when eating a greasy, oily meal. At the end the day, I tried to get it off and it didn’t work with water or makeup remover. I eventually tried it with oil and that worked, thank thy almighty oil.
Let’s show some full face pictures! Little side note, I was very tired.wnw2So pros and cons. I like the fact that it lasts for a really long time and it is a stunning colour. I do not like the fact that it requires some skill and maintenance to apply it without it being streaky and the pulling on my lips can be rather uncomfortable. I don’t like the tacky feeling nor do I like the transfer.

I will test it for a little longer and give you an update in a few weeks!
Update after two weeks: This is dreadful. Do not buy this colour. I will see if other colours are better in application and formula but Give Me Mocha is a pass.
Lots of love and see you next time!

2 responses to “Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit: Give Me Mocha”

  1. I’ve never tried this particular lip product from Wet n’ Wild, but I have a couple of the Mega Last lipsticks and they are exactly the same way. I found I had to apply a lip balm first, the lipstick and then a clear lip gloss or just do the lipstick and lip gloss. Either way works well.


  2. ivanamakeupworld avatar

    I love the color but if it is streaky it isn’t worth money even though is very affortable brand. But the color is sooo so pretty. I enjoy red color lipsticks. And I enjoyed reading your post. I just found you and followed. If you want to see my posts be my guest❤️


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