Subculture by Anastasia Beverly Hills: The Actual Review + swatches and looks

So, here I am again with the Subculture topic. Although this time, I will actually be reviewing the palette. If you don’t know what I am talking about, read my Subculture Explanation and all will become clear to you. Now, the actual review of the Subculture palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, let’s begin.

Subculture, my oh my, what a beautiful palette it is. Designed to be the sister of the Modern Renaissance palette but with a different colour scheme.
“If Modern Renaissance is day, Subculture is night” -Norvina.
The palette comes in a cardboard box with some extra information on the back like ingredients and where it was made. The colour is a beautiful dark mossy green/blue colour. The colour of the box and the palette itself reminds me a lot of the shade Axis.


Yet again, I am a fan of the layout and the colour of the packaging but not so much of the material it was made of. The packaging of the palette is like the Modern Renaissance made out of velvet. Dust clings to velvet and makes it hard to clean. Other than that, it is beautiful. Now let’s look at what counts, the inside!


The palette consists out of fourteen shades, 11 mattes, 2 duochromes and 1 metallic. It combines a range of warm tones but for the sake of variety a few cool tones have been added as well. It kind of gives me an autumnal 60-70’s vibe. You’ll see it in the swatches, haha. The reason why I bought palette is that it is on par with the recent trends (like warm tones and duochromes) but at the same time it is unlike any other palette on the market right now. It’s different and exciting. Let’s see those 70’s swatches?

Cube – Duo chrome pink pearl.
Dawn – Ultra-matte sand
Destiny – Ultra-matte sage green
Adorn – Metallic bronze
All Star – Ultra-matte vintage wine
Mercury – Ultra-matte slate grey
Axis – Ultra-matte blue-green
Roxy – Ultra matte muted coral
Electric – Duo chrome lime-gold
Fudge – Ultra-matte warm bronze
New Wave – Ultra-matte citron orange
Untamed – Ultra-matte tarnished green
Edge – Ultra-matte gold mustard
Rowdy – Ultra-matte blackened purple

As you can see from the swatches, the pigmentation is on point. However, not with all the shades. Cube and Electric are the most disappointing shades in this palette for me. Cube isn’t the most pigmented and is barely visible in the swatches above. You can make it work but it requires a lot of fixing spray to get the colour popping. Same goes for Electric but this shade is not as bad as Cube. The mattes are beautiful and rich in pigment. Adorn, which is the only metallic in the palette, does have some fall-out but is insanely creamy and pigmented.

The palette does have some kick-back but not much more than the Modern Renaissance palette. If you tap your brush into the palette, instead of swirling, you will get the same performance as the Modern Renaissance palette. All the shades blend together amazingly and easily but remember to not mix colours of the opposite spectrum. I do not experience fall out with any other shades than Axis and Adorn, but even then it’s not that bad.

My favourite shades in this palette are rather surprisingly to me, the green toned shades like Axis, Electric and untamed. But I also really really really like Cube. When I get the chance, I use Cube as a highlighter. I’m going to show you two look I’ve created thus far with this palette. Let me know what you think!

CSC_0821CSC_0822Shades used: Axis, Adorn, Electric and Edge.


Shades used: Dawn, Roxy, All Star, Cube

Overall, I adore this palette. I like the fact that as the young person I am, it challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and use colours that I am not used to. When you get the hang of this palette, you fall in love. Are there any other colour combinations that you would like to see a look? Let me know in the comments!
Lots of love and see you next time!

2 responses to “Subculture by Anastasia Beverly Hills: The Actual Review + swatches and looks”

  1. Wow This pallete looks good!! I love the make up looks you created! So pretty xx

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    1. peculiarblondegirl avatar

      It is really good!! And thank you so much, you’re too sweet! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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