GRWM: Halloween Birthday Party 

Hello loves, today I have a little (and very simple) Halloween Get Ready With Me for my best friend’s birthday party! Featuring a nun, makeup and fake blood.

Unlike the US, Halloween is not very popular and hyped up in Belgium. Most people don’t do anything special and stay at home. However, some people (mostly parents and their children) go to a Halloween tour where all kinds of spooky things happen. Just for your information, haha. I am normally one of those people that stays at home and eats pumpkin soup. This year, however, is kind of different. This year is my best friend’s birthday party and the theme is Halloween. I am so excited to finally do something!

I wasn’t really sure what to do and as what I should dress up. When I visited the store, all kinds of costumes jumped in my eye and I wanted to do so many things at the same time. My boyfriend and I are not religious at all and we are fervent fans of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Lawrence Krauss and many other scientists whom openly speak against religion (not only the institute but also the religion itself). So when I saw the costume of a nun and a priest, I immediately rang my boyfriend and asked him if those costumes were okay, since I thought it would be funny and ironic. I also bought some fake blood, wax and red paint for your face, not regular paint. I went home and the next day we got ready for the party.

I wanted to share this incredibly easy but still scary and effective costume for Halloween since it is so easy and inexpensive. I also did some makeup because even the nun-form of me has to look good, haha. First of all, I started with my makeup (I will be doing a similar look to this one in the future) CSC_1146

For the ‘Halloween’ part of the look, I used some fake blood (gel formula) and mostly red paint. For the red paint, I used a normal brush that people use for making art. In other words, not a makeup brush. I swirled it into the red paint making sure it had several points and not a tapered one. This makes it easier to recreate scratches. I gently applied this to my face and afterwards just splattered the red paint onto my face, making it look like drops of blood. I also painted a red cross on my forehead. Just for reference, ya know. CSC_1157CSC_1159CSC_1163CSC_1164

I recreated this look after the party because I was in such a rush the day itself. Coming home from university, eating and rushing haha. I hope you liked it and let me know what you think!
Lots of love and see you next time!

2 responses to “GRWM: Halloween Birthday Party ”

  1. Rebecca Allatt avatar
    Rebecca Allatt

    So creepy and cool, love it x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. peculiarblondegirl avatar

      Thank you! I was afraid it was too simple haha x


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