Soph x Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette: Best Drugstore Eyeshadow palette?

Hello my dear readers,
Today is going to be a very exciting day! I will be reviewing the Soph X Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow palette. I already briefly mentioned it in my November Favourites but today it is time for the full review!

CSC_1604If you are unaware whom Soph is, Soph is Sophie from Sophdoesnails on Youtube. She makes videos about beauty, makeup and etcetera.. and Soph has over 500,000+ subscribers and is still growing as we speak/read! About three months ago she announced that she would be collaborating with Makeup Revolution on an eyeshadow and highlighter palette! I watch Soph quite frequently so I had to get this palette! Today I present to you: the eyeshadow palette.

The palette is in my opinion absolutely stunning! Soph has said that she designed both the palettes and has chosen the names for the shades. I like that she designed it because it shows creativity and makes the palette a lot more personal.Β  Inside the palette, you get 24 eyeshadow of a decent size! You get 14 mattes and 10 shimmers. I like that the majority are mattes because I feel like a majority of shimmers would limit the looks you can create. Shimmers aren’t that great in the crease, you know what I’m sayin’?


First of all, I love the colour selection. It so diverse and versatile making it appropriate for almost every season! This is a great all around palette throughout the year. You have your warm tones, cool tones, shimmers, pops of colour and darker shades! The looks you can create with this palette are almost endless and is great for experimenting when you’re a beginner!

The formula of these shadows is very nice. They’re very pigmented and have a stunning colour pay off. The mattes remind me of the Magic Palette by Juvia’s place but slightly better. They’re a bit softer and feel less gritty. All of the mattes are easy to build up and are a piece of cake to blend. The shimmers have beautiful pigmentation but some of them need to be applied with a damp brush to really get the maximum pigmentation that you want. Also, some of the shimmers tend to have some fallout but that’s easily fixed with some fixing spray or glitter glue! Now some (beautiful) swatches!


Aren’t these swatches absolutely gorgeous? My favourite colours are Pink Champagne, Peaches, Mixed Berries, Pumpkin and Strawberry Sweets. My absolute favourite is Pine Tree, such a beautiful green shimmer shade and because of that, I have made a look with Pine Tree. It’s very Christmas appropriate, haha.

CSC_1960CSC_1958Shades used: Pine Tree, Danger, Peaches, Iced Coffee and Fairy Lights.
Lips: Nabla Dreamy Liquid Lipstick in Silk Road.

This palette made by Sophdoesnails and Makeup Revolution is hand down the best drugstore eyeshadow palette of the moment. It is versatile of great quality and only Β£10/€11.49. It’s such a bargain for what you get! You can find this palette on TamBeauty of Boozyshop. Great job Sophie!
Lots of love and see you next time!




18 thoughts on “Soph x Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette: Best Drugstore Eyeshadow palette?

    1. The palette is excellent! Sophie’s videos are very enjoyable to watch if you love makeup. Definitely check her out! πŸ™‚ xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They definitely are gorgeous! This would be a lovely present to yourself, you deserve it!


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