Mac Cosmetics Chili Review

Yes, you have read that right. Today is my third review of a MAC lipstick. This time in the colour Chili. Are you ready for a hot, spicy, burn your tongue-lipstick?

I already have Mehr and Whirl in my possession but I really wanted something other than a nude colour. I have so many nudes and so little red lipsticks in my collection, so I decided to buy a red shade this time! Black Friday was the perfect opportunity to do so because MAC Belgium had -25% of every product! Apparently, there were a lot of orders so it took awhile for the package to be delivered but kind as MAC is, they send an email with a coupon code and an apology. So I ordered another product hehe.
Just for reference, I paid €14.62 instead of €19.50 and no delivery costs.


The packaging of a MAC lipstick is probably known by almost everyone. The lipstick comes in a matte black box with some details on it. The actual lipstick is shaped in the form of a bullet with mini silver shimmers. It has a good click system and feels sturdy. You can find the shade name on the bottom. Sleek, simple and recognizable!


I have a thing for the matte lipsticks by MAC. I really like the formula and my two other MAC lipsticks are also matte. Chili is no different. It feels really creamy while applying and is not patchy. The lipstick does get slightly drier after a few hours of wear but that is something I have experienced with every matte lipstick. The longevity is a good 8 hours. I always test my new products during work and I work 8 hours and it stayed on my lips for that long. It does fade but in a very nice way. You have to slightly touch up the inner part of the lips but that is it!


I have always had some issues with red lipsticks. Every red lipstick I have bought in the past has had the wrong kind of undertone or the colour looks too dark or vibrant on my skin tone. However, Chili might be the first red lipstick I actually like because of the orange undertone. Chili is a beautiful vibrant red with an orange undertone and the name fits the colour. It’s spicy, hot and just fire! Most lipsticks with an orange undertone are booming orange, but Chili has the right amount of red in it to be really flattering on my skin tone. Let’s look at full face pictures!

insta 3

That’s it for this review. I have found my perfect red shade. Thanks to the orange undertone. What do you think and what MAC lipsticks are your favourite?
Lots of love and see you next time!


11 thoughts on “Mac Cosmetics Chili Review

    1. I had never heard of it before as well but then I came across it on somebody’s blog and it looked so pretty! You’re the sweetest, thank you! xx

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  1. You’re right it suits you perfectly!! One question: I have kind of dry lips (even if I moisturise them all the time), would you still recommend it or is it really really drying? Thanks x

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    1. The MAC lipsticks are a bit on the drying side, especially if you wear them for longer then 3-4 hours. But I find that applying a bit of lip balm beforehand really helps! xx

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