MAC Lipglass in Nymphette

Hello my dear readers,
I have returned after a few days absence due to the holidays. First of all, happy new year and may all your wishes come true in 2018! Secondly, if you have read my MAC Chili lipstick review, you would know that I ordered another product with a 10% discount. So ladies and gentlemen here is my MAC Nymphette review!

I have quite a collection of lipsticks, however, my lipgloss department is definitely lacking and I really wanted to change that. A few months ago, I went into a MAC store in Brussels to buy a Lipstick called Whirl and while swatching products I came across a Lipglass in the name Nymphette. Instantly, I was mesmerised by the golden particles and the beautiful rosy sheen it had. However, I decided to let it pass and to buy the lipstick instead. But when given the opportunity again for a lower price a few weeks ago, I went ahead and bought the mesmerising beauty.


The packaging is very standard looking. It comes in a black box with details and the ingredients. The Lipglass contains 3.1ML or 0.10FL OZ for €14.50 and is available in 59 shades! That’s a lot of colours. The tube is made out of hard plastic and contains a black cap with a doe foot applicator.

The formula is really creamy and smooth. It’s slightly sticky but not too much! However, The NYX butter glosses are not sticky at all and I prefer the formula of those. They are hard to beat 😉 However, it is a bit on the sheer side, so If you prefer a high pigment gloss, this is not for you. Also, you cannot feel the glitter particles on your lips or when you rub them together which is definitely a bonus! Nymphette does have a slight scent to it, so if you prefer nonscented things, this Lipglass is again not for you!


Nymphette is a beautiful shade. It’s a peachy-pink colour with golden particles in it, giving it a very natural look and makes it enthralling to look at. You can most certainly see those particles in the swatch above. This can hypnotize you for sure, that’s how beautiful it is! You can definitely wear it on its own or with another lipstick underneath to give it that luscious golden sheen. Let’s show some full face pictures!

Nymphette alone:

Nymhette with Whirl underneath:

I am really happy that I decided to take the jump and expand my lipgloss department! Nymphette is truly stunning on her own and also with a lipstick underneath.
What do you think of Nymphette?
Lots of love and see you next time!

11 thoughts on “MAC Lipglass in Nymphette

    1. It looks very natural, even with the amount of shimmer in it! It gives every makeup that little bit extra it needs! xx

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  1. That color is so gorgeous on you! I may have to check it out now that lip gloss is coming back in style. Now onto check out your review of Chili lipstick – one I’ve been meaning to try for awhile!

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