Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Kiss

Hello my dear readers,
Today I (finally) have a special review for you! I picked up some single eyeshadows and a matte lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills during their flash sale a few weeks ago. I present to you: the matte lipstick in Kiss!

How I have missed blogging. If you haven’t noticed or this is your first time visiting my blog, I have been absent for quite some time due to the holidays in December and my exams in January. However, when I finally was done at the very end of January, I got sick. So that prevented me from working for my blog, yet again, how pleasant! But I am back and prepare for lots of reviews!

I got the ABH lipstick in Kiss a few weeks ago when they had a flash sale on their US and UK website. The lipsticks went on sale for £5 instead of £18, which is so crazy! Their eyeshadows singles were also a bargain with 4 single eyeshadows for £20 (instead of £12 each) and a free empty well palette to put them in. Anastasia Beverly Hills (UK site) has free (international) shipping whenever you spent £25, so naturally, I ordered a lipstick for £5 and 4 eyeshadow singles for £20, making it a total of £25 with free shipping instead of £66. WHAT A BARGAIN. Norvina (President of ABH) has said that more flash sales will follow so keep an eye out, I know I will!





The packaging is how I normally like my packaging to be. Sleek, black and simple. It has the ABH logo on top and the name of the shade at the bottom. Mix that with some rose gold details and ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ embossed on the tube and you have got yourself a winner! The lipstick contains 3.5g which is slightly more than the MAC and Urban Decay lipsticks that I own.





Look at this beauty! This is the shade Kiss. Kiss is described as a ‘rose petal pink’ and I must say that I agree, especially in the full face pictures down below. It does have an ever so slightly peach tint to it. It’s nude but still flattering! I was a bit confused when I first applied these to my lips. The formula felt really stiff, dry and was hard to apply. However, after trying it for the second time it felt a lot more creamy and easy to apply. You have to get through a certain barrier at first to make this lipstick go on smoothly when you use it. Kiss is really pigmented and opaque when applied and even though this has a matte finish, Kiss didn’t dry out my lips as the hours wore on and that’s a huge bonus! I wore this at work (like I always do because working for 8 hours is a true test for makeup) and it wore beautifully and faded in a nice way. I did have to reapply when I ate (after 5-6 hours) but that’s normal because I eat like a caveman.



I must admit that I was scared at first when I applied this for the first time but now that I got through that barrier, I have fallen in love with Kiss by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s by far my favourite nude lipstick that doesn’t pull to pink or orange on my skintone and feels really comfortable to wear!
What do you think of Kiss and are there other colours you are interested in?
Lots of love and see you next time!

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