Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette

Hello loves,
I’m a massive fan of editorial, bright makeup but every now and then I like to tone it down a notch with a more subtle look. Today I will review a palette that might be perfect for subtle/everyday looks and bridal clientele. The Soft Glam Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

DSC_2052When I first saw this palette (unfortunately it was leaked) I wasn’t really impressed. The colours looked like colours I already own and very easy dupable. However, when the PR arrived at certain Instagram makeup artists and enthusiasts and I saw the swatches, I found myself being more drawn as the launch came closer. I have seen a lot of people who felt the same way as I did. It seems like a very basic/boring and neutral palette without a lot of depth or diversity.

Soft Glam is their third palette, next to Modern Renaissance and Subculture, that will be permanent in their collection. Norvina (President of ABH) has said that this palette was inspired by her mother’s continues love for neutrals. Even though a lot of people have said this palette to be lacklustre and redundant compared to other brands, I do understand their choice for a neutral palette. An everyday palette is a staple for a lot of people and for the brand as well. Modern Renaissance has pinks/oranges and is quite warm toned while Subculture is quite dark and green, so their collection was really incomplete without a neutral, everyday palette (in my opinion) to expand their different types of palettes. However, you will see in the swatches and colour scheme that this palette can amp up any look to be glamorous, hence the name Soft Glam.


The packaging is stunning and fits into their palette scheme with Modern Renaissance and Subculture having the same look and material. It comes in a box with the name, logo and some information about the ingredients and where everything was made on the back. The actual palette has the same velvet material as Modern Renaissance and Subculture. I have a real like-dislike relationship with the velvet material. While it gives a luxurious feel and appearance to the palette, being the clumsy and messy person that I am, this type of material gets dirty quickly. This palette consists of 14 shades of which 9 matte and 5 shimmer shades.


The formula of the shadows reminds me of the Modern Renaissance palette. They feel soft to the touch and blend very easily into one another. Some of the darker colours such as Mulberry and Noir take a bit more time when it comes to blending though because these shades are extremely pigmented. Overall, the mattes blend into one another and create a beautiful flow. The shimmer shades are the best shimmers until now from ABH. They’re far more pigmented and buttery feeling than their previous palettes. All the shades complement eachother. Soft Glam is all around a very good quality palette and I have not experienced any problems whatsoever.

DSC_2064BeFunky Collage

I do agree with the general opinion that Soft Glam is nothing revolutionary and new, but it’s a nice staple to have in your collection. I also feel like this will be a good palette for when you’re on the road and you travel quite a lot because you can go from a very simple look to a very smokey look. The looks that you can make are more limited than their previous palettes but again it’s marketed as a neutral palette for bridal clientele.

Here is a full face using the Soft Glam palette on the eyes. I ‘created’ a very soft halo eye using the shades Orange Soda, Sienna, Glistening and Mulberry.DSC_2251DSC_2252DSC_2260

I think this palette will be good for ABH collectors, artists working in the makeup industry or people who are lacking a good neutral palette and don’t want to buy all individual shades. You can’t go wrong with the quality and the suede feel of the palette.
What do you think of this palette? Will you buy it?
Lots of love and see you next time!

23 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m trying out new places and angles for my pictures, so I really appreciate your compliment! Xx

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  1. I love your makeup look 😍 I agree this palette isn’t revolutionary especially when compared to Modern Renaissance & Subculture, so I’ll pass on this one since I already have several neutral palettes

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    1. Thank you! 😘 And I completely understand. It truly depends on how big your collection already is! Mine is quite small and I was missing a neutral palette, so this came in quite handy😉

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    1. It’s really pretty, I agree! It has a very luxurious/sophisticated feel to it and is just a dream! You should order it, you’re going to love it!

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  2. Thanks for reviewing this! I have been waiting to pick it up once I finish my degree in May as a reward to myself! 😀 This has made me super excited for when I finally pick it up xx

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    1. Thank you love, the palette is amazing! And thanks again, I checked it out and will write mine soon!! Thank you so much😍

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  3. I really like the look of this palette, I’m a fan of neutrals, but I need another eyeshadow palette like a hole in the head hahah! You look very pretty btw, love the eye look you created ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a very nice neutral palette and it includes every single everyday shade you could need! And thank you so much!! ❤


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