Catrice Cosmetics Lip Artist Pro Palette

Catrice Cosmetics. You have been my favourite drugstore brand when it comes to face and lip products. However, this time you have really outdone yourself. Today, I proudly present the Catrice Lip Artist palette. 

When it comes to creativity in makeup, drugstore brands are not really my favourite. They often stick to nude-, red- and the occasional berry tones. However, Catrice definitely changed the game with this lipstick palette. It combines the usual nudes and reds with fun colours such as purple, bright orange and even a grey colour, so you can mix them and create your preferred colour! They also incorporated some primary colours such as black, white, red, yellow and purple to determine which undertone you want to go for.Lip-artist-pro-palette-catriceCatrice-lip-artist-pro-palette-reviewPro-palette-lip-artist-catrice-review

The palette is made out of plastic and feels a bit cheap but I don’t mind because of the price you pay which is only €9.95! Although I don’t mind the packaging, the only thing that would’ve made this palette a bit more practical is a mirror. Now, I have to grab another palette/mirror to really get up close and personal to apply the lipsticks.The back of the palette gives you some information about the product such as the ingredients and some combination examples. The Lip Artist palette consists of 15 colours, a mixing zone and a double-sided brush. The brush has a spatula and a lip brush. The brush is really easy to use and can be equally easy to clean. You pick up the product with the spatula and mix it with the lip brush in the mixing zone. It’s as easy as that!

I know Catrice is available in numerous drugstores in Europe but I’m not sure where you can get it if you live in the UK. If you have an idea where they sell it, please let me know! I also believe that Catrice is available at Ulta Beauty if you live in the US.


The palette has a nice variety of shades and on-the-go colours such as the first row of nudes but you can also get-up-and-go bold and fierce with the second row of purple, orange and grey! What’s really fun about this palette though, is the last row. It’s filled with the three primary colours (blue-yellow and red) and two non-colours (black and white). Catrice says that each of these shades has a specific purpose: Blue makes it more cool toned. Yellow makes it more bright. Red makes it warmer. Black darkens the colour and finally, white lightens the colour. These primary colours will help you customise your lipstick shade. How cool is that?!

The formula of these lipsticks doesn’t differ much from one another. Most of them have a satin matte finish. Due to the matte finish, it can be a bit harder to melt them into each other, contrarily to for example sheer, glossy finishes. Even though being matte, they feel really comfortable and they have a nice, healthy sheen to them. The formula of the palette glides onto the lips and feels very soft. What varies a lot though is the pigmentation. All the nudes apply beautifully and are packed with pigment, however, the darker colours such as the blue, the purple and the black tend to be on the sheer side. This problem is quickly fixed because the colours are really easy to build up! All of the colours last a really long time on my lips and fade rather nicely. They do leave an immense stain though, be aware of that! Now some swatches!


As I’ve already said that the blue, black, purple and deep berry shades are a bit on the sheer side but the other ones are stunning and really pigmented! My favourite colour from the first row is the first colour. My favourite from the second row is the bright orange and finally, my favourite colour from the last row is yellow. Shoot me, I like yellow. Now some full-face swatches of some colour on their own and some mixed!

DSC_2607DSC_2616The green lipstick was created by mixing the blue and red colour and I also mixed in a tiny bit of white. The bright orange was created with the orange in the palette (second row) + white and mixed with a tiny itsy bitsy of the blue shade.

I really enjoy this palette and will let you know when I’m wearing it in future posts so you can see all the possibilities! I also think Catrice Cosmetics is extremely creative and daring to bring this product to the market especially since they’re a small and European brand! What do you think of this palette?
Lots of love and see you next time!

14 thoughts on “Catrice Cosmetics Lip Artist Pro Palette

  1. We didn’t get this palette with a new launch here. Catrice is my favorite just because they are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to drugstore makeup. I never seen palette with so many different shades. xx

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    1. Will it launch in the future? I hope it does! And I agree, their products are becoming better and better and they’re most definitely the most innovative brand of the drugstore! Xx

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