MAC X Patrick Starrr: MamaStarrr

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Patrick Starrr is known for his extravagance, amazing makeup hacks and a flawless base. So when his MAC Cosmetics collaboration came out, it wasn’t a surprise that the collection reflected his personality. Today I will be reviewing the shade ‘Mamastarrr’ which was created in honour of his mother. How sweet!

I cannot remember if I have said this before but I feel like MAC made a drastic change over the last few years. Especially in 2017-2018.  I feel like their marketing strategy used to be exclusive, apprehensive about social media and influencers and just in general very closed off. For a while, I hardly felt the need to spend my money on MAC because people on the internet never reviewed them anymore and hence their prices, I became a bit apprehensive to buy their products if I was unaware of the quality. I feel like MAC is a lot more open towards social media and their followers as of late. Just a few examples, MAC has recently started sending out PR packages, started giving a lot more discounts from time to time on their site, they’re a lot more available in different stores (Ulta, Douglas,..) and they started working with known influencers a lot more. Whereas in the past, there were hardly any discounts, they were only available on MAC’s website and their counters and were not really innovative anymore. I like that they changed their strategy because I genuinely like most of the MAC products that I own and I feel like the future will be exciting!Mac- patrick starrr- mamastarrr - reviewMac- patrick starrr- mamastarrr - review (1)Mac- patrick starrr- mamastarrr - review (2)Mac- patrick starrr- mamastarrr - review (3)

The packaging is lust-worthy. Aside from having the same standard bullet form from MAC, the lipstick comes in a silver pixelated box with a holographic effect and Patrick’s inscription. It’s so mesmerising if you look at it in sunlight! The lipstick itself has a combination of white, silver and holographic tones. The cap is silver and the tube is white with again Patrick’s autograph on it, written with a holographic effect.

From the moment that I saw the lipsticks, I was drawn by Mamastarrr. She Betta Werrrk and Patrick Woo weren’t really my cup of tea (I’m not that into reds and bubblegum pinks). Mamastarrr was named after Patrick’s mother, I can’t get over the sweetness haha. Mamastarrr has a satin finish, so the formula feels incredibly smooth and comfortable to wear. I love the creaminess of the lipstick and the way it glides onto my lips. You can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick when you’re looking for pigmentation and Mamastarrr is no exception to that rule. It’s incredibly pigmented and opaque! Being a satin finish, Mamastarrrr wore off a lot faster than a matte formula. I have to reapply this after about 5-6 hours of wear and especially after eating. Not that I mind at all.

Mac- patrick starrr- mamastarrr - review (4)MAC - Patrick Starrr- Mamastarr- swatch

Please ignore my dry patches. I was sick whilst taking these pictures so my lips were in a horrible state but anyway. Mamastarr is a rosy brown colour with warm undertones and is rather medium to dark on my skin tone, however, I have seen people with a darker complexion rocking this as a beautiful nude colour! When I first swatched Mamastarr it reminded me a lot of Whirl (review here) but after swatching them next to each other, I had to admit that I was wrong. Whirl is more cool toned and has a slight purple/grey undertone to it, whilst Mamastarr is more warm-toned, more orange and less brown.

Mac- patrick starrr- mamastarrr - review - 2Mac- patrick starrr- mamastarrr - review- full face- 2

And this is the full face picture! I really like Mamastarr and the way it looks on my skin tone/undertone. I adore the creaminess and the sheen it provides because it makes my lips look plump and healthy (when I’m not sick obviously haha). I cannot wait to see what the next launch of Patrick’s collaboration with MAC Cosmetics will be since they are releasing collections throughout the entire year! Mamastarr retails for €19.50 and can be found on MAC’s website or authorized retailers such as ASOS.
What do you think of their collab and Mamastarr?
Lots of love and see you next time!



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