Urban Decay Little Liquid Vices Set

Hello loves,
I bought this set a few months ago but life happens and I forgot about it. However, today will finally be the day that I review this for you and I have some thoughts, good and bad!

When I was shopping (read: hunting) a few months ago, I came across this little liquid Vice set from Urban Decay and was instantly intrigued (partly because of the price reduction). I was no stranger to these infamous liquid lipsticks by Urban Decay, having seen reviews all over the web and was curious to see if they really were that bad and what better way to try the different finishes than with a set?


The packaging of the Little Liquid Vices is in my opinion amazing. I really like the entire design of the box and the little details make the difference. Inside the box, there are 4 little liquid lipsticks in a variety of shades. The set includes 3 Comfort Mattes (Backtalk, Crimson and Amulet) and 1 Metallized shade (Purgatory). Urban Decay claims that the Little Liquid Vices are waterproof, long-lasting, intensely pigmented and comfortable to wear. Time will tell if they can live up to those claims or in other words: scroll down!


The packaging is equally stunning with the Little Liquid Vices as with the box they sat in. I definitely see a similarity with the regular Vice lipsticks, of which I own the colour Sheer Liar (review soon) when it comes to the packaging. Both have that gunmetal and gold colour, which I really like. The shade name can be found at the bottom and the logo is embossed at the top of the liquid lipstick. The Little Liquid Vices have a slightly angled doe foot applicator which is quite thin and picks up the right amount of product.


The formula on these Vices varies quite a bit. They all have a quite thick and moussey formula and are not liquidy in the slightest. Whereas Backtalk is really opaque and nicely pigmented and really comfortable to wear (at the beginning that is), the other shades lack that opacity and pigmentation with Purgatory being the worst. Amulet, Crimson and Purgatory require several coats to be opaque and even then I can see patchiness and streaks. Crimson is fixable with a bit of tender and careful work and dries down to a nice matte finish. Amulet even though it’s labelled as a Comfort Matte has to my surprise a metallic/shimmery finish but contrary to Purgatory it doesn’t have those glitter particles. Purgatory is by a long shot the worst shade in this set. Purgatory feels chunky, thick and heavy on the lips. It’s like experiencing lumps on your lips, the feeling is horrendous. Another thing all these Vices have in common is the wear time. The formula is so thick and dry that the Little Liquid Vices feel tight on your lips after a couple of minutes and crumble off after a few hours. They’re also not transfer-proof because they remain tacky (except Backtalk) which is so weird because they feel so drying on the lips. Overall I like the colour Backtalk but the formula on all these Little Liquid Vices did not impress me at all.

Backtalk: Muted pink with a mauve undertone.Urban-Decay-Vice-Liquid-Lipstick- Backtalk

Amulet: A brick rose.Urban-Decay-Vice-Liquid-Lipstick-Amulet

Crimson: A true rich red.Urban-Decay-Vice-Liquid-Lipstick-Crimson

Purgatory: Deep purple berry shade with pink glitter particles.Urban-Decay-Vice-Liquid-Lipstick-Purgatory

I really adore the colour Backtalk but unfortunately, the other colours were not my cup of tea and neither was the formula of all of them. Therefore I won’t be recommending to buy the Liquid Vices by Urban Decay but just head straight towards their regular classic lipsticks. I might buy Backtalk as a regular Vice lipstick because I love the colour that much and I’ll probably enjoy the formula a lot more.
What do you think of these Liquid Vices? Have you tried them?
Lots of love and see you next time!



9 responses to “Urban Decay Little Liquid Vices Set”

  1. Such a gorgeous Vice set, I have backtalk and it looks gorgeous on you! BUT I’M LOVING CRIMSON! I’d love to give that a go 🙂

    Serene xoxo


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    1. peculiarblondegirl avatar

      Give it a go girl!! 😊

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  2. I’ve been wanting to try these for a while. Will definitely have to check ’em out. Thanks for the review 🙂

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    1. peculiarblondegirl avatar

      You’re welcome! 😊

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  3. Backtalk is my favourite but I love all of them. Lovely photos xx

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    1. peculiarblondegirl avatar

      I love Backtalk! I’m going to buy it in the regular lipstick form. Thank you so much! Xx

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  4. Rebecca Allatt avatar
    Rebecca Allatt

    Such a beautiful set, love that red 😍

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    1. peculiarblondegirl avatar

      The red is super pretty!

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  5. […] one of the classic Vice lipsticks from Urban Decay in my review of their liquid Vice lipsticks (review here) and today I will be reviewing Sheer […]


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