Meraki Cosmetics Chunky Glitter: Nebula and Eclipse

It’s all about glitter lately, whether it’s chunky or fine, glitter is the way to go in makeup. Today I will be reviewing the beautiful Chunky Glitters from Meraki Cosmetics.

Meraki Cosmetics used to be an unfamiliar brand for me and I can imagine that a lot of people can relate. Meraki Cosmetics is a Dutch Indie Brand created by Kim Ter Stege. Kim used to be known for the reviews on her blog but nowadays, she’s even more known due to her makeup artistry on Instagram! You can find her as @Kimterstege!

A while ago, I bought and reviewed the Meraki Cosmetics Loose Highlighters (review here) and was really pleased with the quality and service! Around that time, I also ordered two of their Chunky Glitters in Nebula and Eclipse. Nebula is also the Chunky Glitter that Nikkietutorials used in one of her videos. Nebula and Eclipse come in a round, black container with Meraki Cosmetics written (not printed) on top of the lid. You get 3 grams of product. The name of the Chunky Glitter is written on the back. You can find more information the Meraki Cosmetics Website which says that the Chunky Glitters are safe to use on the body (not face) and are best used with a glitter glue (duh). You might have noticed that they don’t mention that the Chunky Glitter is safe to use on the eyes is because it simply isn’t safe. Chunky or Fine Glitter, no matter what brand it comes, has never been certified as Eye-safe. Every Glitter product comes with its risk when used near the eyes.

meraki-cosmetics-chunky-glitter-review (5)

meraki-cosmetics-chunky-glitter-review (1)

meraki-cosmetics-chunky-glitter-review (2)

The meaning of Nebula comes from Latin and means ‘Interstellar Fog’. It’s a mix of different sizes (1,2 or 3mm) and colours. This is a really cool and versatile glitter. You can use it with so many different eye looks! I do have to warn you. Since Nebula has different sizes, the tiniest ones can get into your eye really quickly. Speaking from experience. So, be careful, begin with a tiny amount on the brush and use enough glitter glue to really make them stick!

meraki-cosmetics-chunky-glitter-review (4)


The meaning of Eclipse is ‘an astronomical event that occurs when one object in the sky moves into the shadow of another’. This Chunky Glitter is shaped like crescents and contains 3 grams. They all have the size of 3mm and are therefore easier to apply! Still, caution is your best mate when it comes to glitter!

meraki-cosmetics-chunky-glitter-review (3)


Nebula is probably my favourite glitter which is ironic since it almost made me blind (just kidding). Eclipse is also really pretty! These Chunky Glitters by Meraki are otherwise easy to use, just be sure to use enough glitter glue and gradually build them up! The Chunky Glitters retail for €6.99 and Meraki Cosmetics is available on the Meraki Cosmetics website or on Boozyshop! Both offer international shipping.
Have you ever used Chunky Glitter and what do you think of these by Meraki?
Lots of love and see you next time!

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