Favourite Spring/Summer Lippies

Spring is already in town and summer is on its way. Time to show you my favourite lippies for spring and summer!

I am a huge lipstick person. I have more lipsticks in my collection than any other product. I love the classic bullet lipsticks, lip glosses and occasionally a liquid lipstick. I’m all for it as long as it feels comfortable and weightless on the lips!

Colourwise, I’m not the most difficult person but during spring and summer, I tend to gravitate towards pink undertones because it looks fresh, healthy and in theme with the seasons. I also wear pink undertones during the autumn/winter but they tend to be of a deeper spectrum. Today, I want to show you some of my favourite lippies that I love to wear during spring and summer!

Essence – Pink Up Your Life (review)
This lipstick by Essence is probably one of the brightest colours that I have in my collection. It’s almost neon but surprisingly still wearable enough for the public. It’s also a very affordable lipstick with a semi-matte finish which feels comfortable and doesn’t cling to dry patches!essence-pink-up-your-life

MAC Cosmetics – Chili (review)
A lipstick with some heat? MAC has got you covered! Chili is a gorgeous red with an orange undertone and is perfect for those warm cosy nights by the bonfire. It’s creamy whilst still being matte and fades in a beautiful way. One of my favourite lipsticks!mac-chili

MAC – Faux
This cult lipstick is new to my collection and the review will be up in a few days. So, I’m not gonna give too much information but the fact that it’s in my favourite lippies will already tell you something! However, there’s something that I have to use combined with this colour otherwise it doesn’t work for me. Keep your eyes open for the review!macfaux1

MAC – Nymphette (review here)
Nymphette is one of MAC’s most beautiful lipglasses I have ever seen. Infused with pearlescent gold glitters that are made to reflect the beams of the sun. Non-sticky but slightly goopy. This lipgloss will make your lips juicy and plump, no matter the shape.MACNymphette

NYX Cosmetics – Buttergloss in Tiramisu (Review here)
Another gloss, another glory. This lipgloss by NYX will glide onto the lips like butter and smells like caramel. It also provides a luscious sheen of pink onto the lips, making them look nice and healthy.nyx-butter-gloss-tiramisu

Wet N Wild – Spiked With Rum
Tired of the bright pinks? Go for something a bit deeper with ‘Spiked with Rum’ which has a hint of brown. Opaque with one swipe. Comfortable and creamy. Do I have to say more?Spikedwithrum

Wet N Wild –  Rose Bud
The colour of a cherry blossom or even some Rose Buds, like the name states. Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks are some of my favourites in the drugstore and so incredibly affordable! Only €2.99 and quite a wide range of colours. I keep buying more because they are so worth it. wnwrosebud

Wet N Wild – Wine Room
I personally don’t drink but this colour is to die for. I can imagine a lot of people enjoying this colour while sipping a glass of wine enjoying the sunset. Again, creamy as can be, slightly more mauve and incredibly pigmented! WNWWineRoom

That’s it for my favourite spring and summer lippies. I might discover more while the season blooms but this is it for now. I was going to incorporate three more lipsticks into this post, being: MAC – Peach Blossom and Mehr and Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Sheer Liar. However, I went to France recently and I forgot those precious lipsticks there. It was a bit hard to swallow knowing that three of your favourite lipsticks (of which two newly bought and 1 being your first ever MAC lipstick btw) are a 1000 miles away from you, haha.

What are some of your favourite lippies for spring and summer? Do you prefer to wear normal lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses or a regular lip balm?
Lots of love and see you next time!

22 thoughts on “Favourite Spring/Summer Lippies

    1. Thank you so much!! It’s one of my favourite lipsticks for spring and I’m convinced you would look absolutely stunning in it!! Xx

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  1. Such gorgeous shades!! I really love Wine Room and Pink Up Your Life! I’m a lipstick fanatic as well lol so I’ll definitely have to try out some of these (my poor bank account hehe!!) but I love that you incorporated a variety of shades, so pretty! xx

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