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Hello loves,
It has been awhile since I reviewed anything from Nabla Cosmetics. However, they recently came out with their second palette and I had to get my hands on it! Today, I present to you: Soul Blooming by Nabla Cosmetics. Also known as: ‘Spring in a palette’.

Buying this palette was an extremely funny process. I know you might think that I’m losing my mind because how can buying makeup be funny? The entire process was funny to me because of the following reason. It went exactly the same way as with the Dreamy palette. I convinced myself that I didn’t need it. I had to save money for other things which were more important. I wasn’t going to buy it. However, the next morning I was sitting behind my computer, constantly refreshing the authorized retailer’s website. When the clock hit at exactly 13pm, I bought the palette. The next day, my order landed in my hands. Ladies and gentlemen, I have no self-control when it comes to this brand. I know, I failed yet again but let’s just review this beauty, shall we?

Nabla-Cosmetics-Soul-Blooming-Eyeshadow-Palette-Review (1)

Why name a palette Soul Blooming, you ask? According to MrDanielMakeup, the art director of Nabla Cosmetics, Soul Blooming is a metaphor of spring and meant as the inner awakening. Soul Blooming can also be linked to the romantic and dreamy world through the freshness of spring. Soul Blooming retails for €35.90 and is available on the or authorized retailers such as Boozyshop and Beauty Bay.

Nabla-Cosmetics-Soul-Blooming-Eyeshadow-Palette-Review (8)

Nabla-Cosmetics-Soul-Blooming-Eyeshadow-Palette-Review (7)


Nabla-Cosmetics-Soul-Blooming-Eyeshadow-Palette-Review (5)

The Soul Blooming palette has the same size as her sister the ‘Dreamy Palette’, which I reviewed as well (review here). It’s solid and compact which makes both of them amazing and efficient for travelling. Another thing Soul Blooming and Dreamy have in common is the external packaging. The external packaging of the Soul Blooming palette has a matte pink colour with a lustrous floral frame and the name of the palette in the centre.

The actual palette, Soul Blooming, has the same pink colour but is glossier and has more details. It features branches, flowers in multiple colours and leaves. It also features small metallic lavender blossoms and a tiny ladybug in the corner. Such a considerate and cute detail. Ingredients and other information can be found on the back of the palette. All Nabla products are cruelty-free and vegan!

Nabla-Cosmetics-Soul-Blooming-Eyeshadow-Palette-Review (2)

Nabla-Cosmetics-Soul-Blooming-Eyeshadow-Palette-Review (4)

Nabla-Cosmetics-Soul-Blooming-Eyeshadow-Palette-Review (6)

The inside of the palette includes a large mirror and 12 eyeshadows. 6 mattes and 6 shimmers. The twelve shades are a mix of cool and warm tones and the palette can be divided into two triangles. One triangle is the cool toned side and the other is the warm-toned side. Evidently, you can use whatever combination you might want! Honey Drip and Caravaggio are interchangeable and can, therefore, be used with any combination. There are three different textures in the palette, being: Super Matte, Fluid Metal and Crystal. Crystal is a new texture and can be found in the colour ‘Honey Drip’. I will explain more about this later!


Nabla-Soul-Blooming-review-swatches (1)

Nabla-Soul-Blooming-review-swatches (2)

Nabla-Soul-Blooming-review-swatches (3)

I think we can all agree that the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is amazing. Especially the matte shades are a dream and the shimmers are as luminous as they can be. I love the colour scheme off Soul Blooming! But let’s talk a bit about the formula on each texture and how the shades perform because that’s what matters.


First of all, let’s start with the matte shades in the palette, also known as the Super Matte texture. The Super Matte shades in Soul Blooming are Gea, Chamomile, Bolero, Middle Karma, Flowery and Caravaggio. I found that all these shades were very blendable and opaque. They have an intense colour-payoff and are really easy to use. I did note that two shades, being Bolero and Caravaggio, struggle a bit while blending. The colour Bolero and Caravaggio didn’t seem to stick down on the eyelid and did fade away a bit while blending. However, the problem was quickly fixed while building these shades up.


Next up are the shimmers, also known as the Fluid Metals. The Fluid Metals in Soul Blooming are Garden Gate, Climbing Rose, Garçon, Anemone and Philosophy. This texture also has three different finishes, being Metallic, Duo-chrome or Satin. Climbing Rose and Garçon are metallic and work beautifully. Garden Gate and Philosophy are duo-chrome. Anemone is a satin Fluid Metal and I must say I wish it wasn’t. I really wanted this blue to take a punch but it lacks some luminosity. All of them do perform beautifully and blend really nice!

BeFunky Collage

Last but not least, the new texture which Nabla named ‘Crystal’. The Crystal texture can be found in the colour Honey Drip. Honey Drip is a duo-chrome and has gold-peach and copper reflects. The Crystal texture is very intriguing. When you first touch Honey Drip, the eyeshadow feels extremely chunky and grainy and your brush will not pick up a ton of product. However, MrDanielMakeup explained that the best way to apply this texture is with your fingers. By using your fingers, you warm up the texture and break the larger glitter particles while blending. Because of this breakage, you end up with micro glitters that have a mirror-like finish, luminosity and a great colour pay-off. It’s really fascinating to watch that happen on your eyes!

I know this review is picture heavy and very long but I just wanted to show you two looks that I created with this palette. One is more warm, the other more cool toned.

Shades used: Flowery, Caravaggio, Anemone, Garden Gate, Philosophy and Honey Drip. Also applied Honey Drip as a topcoat on top of the Dreamy Liquid Lipstick in Anarchy
Shades used: Chamomile, Gea, Bolero, Climbing Rose and Honey Drip.

I also wanted to mention that the Crystal and Fluid Metal shades are best used with a creamy or sticky base. I always use glitter primer with shimmers since I have a prominent crease and I’ve found that the shimmers perform beautifully that way! I will be posting more looks on Instagram (@peculiarbelgian) so make sure you follow me.

That’s it for this extremely long review of the Nabla Soul Blooming palette! I wanted to give you all the information I had and I hope I delivered just that. Soul Blooming retails for €35.90 and is available on the or authorized retailers such as Boozyshop and Beauty Bay.

What do you think of this palette and do you already own something by Nabla?
Lots of love and see you next time!

18 thoughts on “Nabla Cosmetics Soul Blooming Palette

  1. Honestly, who has self-control when buying makeup, especially when it’s this pretty! I love Garden Gate, it’s so pretty. The looks you created are beautiful! Amazing review Lynn 🙂

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    1. It’s a fairly unknown European brand that is starting to get more recognition and they deserve it! And thank you so much for the compliment! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a stunning and versatile palette and I’m glad I bought it! And thank you so much! 😊


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