Random Colour Challenge: Part 1: Somewhat of A Fail

Makeup, as far as I know, is about experimenting and having fun. Today, I want to introduce to you a new series on my blog. The Random Colour Challenge.

This series will begin with an honourable mention to Jkissa whom I love to watch on youtube. She inspired me to begin with the Random Colour Challenge due to her own ‘Random Colour Challenge’ – videos! I love watching those videos and think they push an artist out of their comfort zone. Makeup is all about having fun and experimenting and I think this challenge is a good way to start doing that!

I would also like to explain how I’m picking the colours, seeing that I don’t make videos and you can’t see how I do this challenge. I write down every single eyeshadow I own, whether they are in a palette or as individual pans, and make little cards out of it. You’ll see what I mean once you scroll down. Next, I separate the mattes and shimmers in a bag of their own. I will also be doing this to all my lip products in future blog posts in this series! Next, I pick 4 mattes and 2 shimmers out of each bag and those will be the shadows I’ll be working with. I’m not allowed to take any other shade that I haven’t picked and I have to use all of the shades that I did pick! Basically, no cheating allowed!

So let’s see how my first challenge went, shall we?


The matte eyeshadows that I randomly picked were:
– Nabla Cosmetics Single eyeshadow in Petra.
– Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Mulberry from the Soft Glam Palette.
– Nabla Cosmetics’ Lullaby from the Dreamy palette.
– Juvia’s Place’s Yeijide from the Magic Palette.

The two shimmer shades are:
– Nabla Cosmetics’ Climbing Rose from the Soul Blooming Palette.
– The Sixth shade of the Zulu Palette by Juvia’s Place


I was quite confused when I finished swatching all the shades that I picked. I was wondering how on earth I could combine warm toned browns with cool toned blues. Mind you, brown is my least favourite colour. However, I quickly came up with a plan to hopefully rescue this look. I decided to put lullaby, Mulberry and Petra in the crease/ the outer corners and Climbing Rose on the lid to create a halo-eye. Yeijide and the sixth shade of the Zulu palette were used on the lower lash line to make this look more interesting and smokey. Let’s look at the result?



Tadaa, the first look from the Random Colour Challenge!
I have to be honest and tell you that this isn’t my favourite look and it’s all because of the brown shades. I really don’t like brown, haha. I also would like to use this post to announce that I will be taking a little break. My exams of Uni are due next week, so I want to focus on that. However, I’ve also been not feeling well as of late. So, I feel like I owe it to myself to take a little break and work on my mindset a bit to bring back positivity. Love you all.
What do you think of this random colour look and this new series on my blog?
Lots of love and see you next time!

19 thoughts on “Random Colour Challenge: Part 1: Somewhat of A Fail

  1. I actually quite like the end result, it’s interesting and definitely different. Love “Climbing Rose” shade, it’s stunning. I hope you’ll feel better soon lovely, definitely take a break, we own that to ourselves from time to time. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely! It was my first time using Climbing Rose and I fell in love with it! We do owe it to ourselves, thank you for understanding! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m humbled. Thank you so much for the compliment! Also a massive thanks for the support. I’ll try to smash those exams! xo

      Liked by 1 person

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