Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments

Hey loves,
Today I will be reviewing the Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments. Are you ready for a colourful review? Let’s go!

So, I bought these Vivid pigments a few weeks ago and I didn’t realise that they were not coming back as individuals. Instead, Coloured Raine decided to make a palette of the Vivid Pigments. Of course, I was a bit gutted because I didn’t know if I should still review the individual pigments but I asked you guys on Instagram what to do and you said that I should still review them. So here we are!


The Vivid Pigments retailed for €5,95 per individual and Coloured Raine released sixteen shades. If you were to buy all of the individuals, you would end up paying €95,2. The Vivid Pigment palette, which also includes the sixteen shades, currently retails for €43,78 on the Coloured Raine site. I mean, that’s a huge saving you get so I would recommend buying the palette, haha.  I’m not sure how much it will cost on Beauty Bay because the palette is currently sold out and I can’t find it anywhere on the site. Beauty Bay is really inconvenient sometimes. Once something is out of stock, it completely disappears of their site. However, I reckon that it’ll be still less than €95,2.


The Vivid Pigments have a weight of 1,8 grams each and are all cruelty-free and vegan, except for one shade ‘Unbothered’ which isn’t vegan. I bought 8 shades and have a great variety of yellow, green, purple, blue and other pops of colour.

Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop is a medium yellow with a warm undertone and a matte finish. It’s slightly less bright than Buttercupcake by Sugarpill. The formula is a bit powdery and has a lot of kick up. This is not something that bothers me, but I wanted to warn those of you who hate it. The pigmentation is on point. It’s a rich colour but darkens ever so slightly on the lid. The blendability is amazing, just like butter. This colour does not stain the eyes.

Splash is a medium orange with a warm undertone and a matte finish. Again, this one is slightly powdery and has some kick-up but it’s less dry than the other shades. However, the pigmentation makes up for that. The pigment is amazing and gives opacity in one single layer. Splash is the most pigmented of the bunch and blends easily. This shade does not stain the eyes.


Party Drip
A vivid and bright fuchsia with a blue undertone. Also a matte finish. This one has slightly less kick-up and is less powdery. The pigmentation is very rich and saturated. The blend is even, opaque and easy. However, Party Drip stains your eyes until the next day. It’s crazy how much it stains.


A deep red with a warm/blue undertone and a matte finish. Nearly opaque at first layer but is still buildable which is good for a colour like this. It’s a very unique colour and one that is hard to find in palettes. Sauce has the driest texture of them all but is still even in application. Blending takes a bit more time but is still fairly easy and seamless. This shade does stain the eyes quite a bit.


Level Up
A bright mossy green with a subtle warm tone and a matte finish. This colour reaches its full opacity after two layers but is still quite rich in pigment. However, the colour fades a bit whilst blending and that’s why you need to build it up a bit. Blending is a bit tricky but nothing that is problematic. This shade does not stain the eyes.


A medium purple with a warm undertone and a matte finish. There were a few purples to chose from but I wanted a purple that wasn’t too deep nor too light and Vibez was that colour. As you might know, purples are a pain in the arse to make and usually end up patchy and dry. This colour is dry, very dusty and has a lot of kick-up. However, it isn’t patchy or unblendable. It’s the best purple I have used to date. Of course, it’s a bit tricky to work with but honestly, I have encountered worse purples. This one is nearly opaque at first layer and very buildable. Vibez does stain the eyes.


Drip Drop
A medium blue with a cool undertone and a matte finish. Again, a very powdery texture and a lot of kick-up but amazing pigmentation and a very buildable shade. Doesn’t stain the eyes.


Neo Blue
A cobalt blue with a cool undertone and a matte finish. This shade is almost opaque at first layer and is very buildable. It’s a very bright colour and blends nicely even though it’s a bit dry. Doesn’t stain the eyes.



So that concludes this review. These eyeshadows are by far the best colourful eyeshadows of 2018. I definitely recommend getting the palette if you’re on the hunt for some superb pops of colour because I’m a big fan. I know this review doesn’t include some looks created with the shadows but I will post a separate post with them since the lighting is a disaster these days. I’m getting my ring light on Tuesday and I can’t wait to play with it!

What do you think about colourful eyeshadows and about the Vivid Pigments?
Lots of love and see you soon!


6 responses to “Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments”

  1. I’d love to see a look with the bright colours!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s coming soon! Hopefully in a few days! 😊


  2. Loving that yellow, it’s mustard yellow which I’ve been looking for really long. I bought yellow shade from Essence but pigmentation is not really amazing. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a really pretty yellow. Essence single eyeshadows aren’t that great in my opinion. I hope you’ll be able to get your hands on this one! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t normally go for bright colours but maybe it’s time I branched out more and tried them out! Would love to see a look with these eye shadows xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I posted a few of them on my Instagram but I’ll post a few tutorials soon! xx


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