Nabla Cosmetics Holiday Collection: Eye Brushes & Shine Theory Lip Gloss

Hey guys,
Today I would like to show you a brush set which is a part of the new holiday collection by Nabla Cosmetics. It is their first time coming out with an eye brush set and I’m excited to show you my review!


I’m going to keep this review fairly limited to the quality of the brushes and therefore I won’t be discussing the packaging in detail. Generally speaking, it’s an aesthetic that speaks to me. The glue of the brushes lasts a fair amount of washings and doesn’t come loose. The pouch it came in is very pretty and made of plastic. It did bother me a tiny bit that the pouch was made in China.


Soft Crease
This is the biggest and fluffiest brush of the bunch. It is very soft and blends any transition shade like a dream. What I have noticed with the majority of these brushes is their softness. They never seem to irritate my lids no matter how long it takes to blend something. The fact that these are synthetic is amazing because synthetic brushes tend to be stiffer than animal hair. This brush is amazing for application of a crease colour or to blend out any harsh edges at the end. Also great for everyday use.
nabla-soft-crease-brush (1).jpg

Precision Shader
This is slightly smaller and more tapered than the Soft Crease brush. It allows you to be more precise when packing or blending a shade. The hairs are, yet again, very soft. I hope Nabla releases this brush as an individual because I want forty of them.
nabla-precision-shader-brush (1)

Large Shader
The Large Shader is excellent to pack on a matte colour onto the lid or outer corners. It’s big and fluffy but still holds its shape quite well. It picks up quite a bit of product and dispenses it evenly onto the lid. This brush is perfect to do an all-over matte look.nabla-large-shader-brush (1)

Dab & Smudge
This brush is very good to pack on a pigment, such as a shimmer or to smudge an eyeliner made of eyeshadow. It short but still fluffy enough to smudge eyeshadow or blend slightly. Nothing special. A good brush, that’s it.nabla-dab-smudge-brush (1)

Precision Buffer
This is probably the brush in the set that I use the least. It good to precisely place a colour in the crease or to smudge underneath the eyes. However, that’s basically what I use it for and nothing else. The quality is good but the purpose of the brush is a bit one one-dimensional. At least for me personally.nabla-precision-buffer-brush (1)

Cut Crease Maker
You might’ve seen Nikkietutorials use this in her recent videos and mention it on Instagram. Ladies and gentlemen, this brush is the perfect brush to cut the crease. This brush will make cutting the crease so much easier and stress-free. It truly is amazing. It is thin and sturdy at the same time. Rounded to perfection. NABLA BLESS EVERYONE AND RELEASE THIS BRUSH AS AN INDIVIDUAL PLEASE.nabla-cut-crease-maker-brush (1)

Small Pencil
This pencil brush is very nice. Apparently, most pencil brushes are too stiff and tend to hurt your eyes. It is meant to blend eyeshadow underneath the lashline and it does that very well. I normally never really apply a lot of eyeshadow underneath my eyes because I feel like it makes me look tired. That is why I do not have a lot of small pencil brushes but this one is very nice.nabla-small-pencil-brush (1)

Lashline Smudger
Are you ever in the mood to add a liner but you don’t want to use a liquid eyeliner? This brush is your answer for all soft eyeliner dreams. The lashline smudger is a really good brush to softly apply a liner and blend it out to make it softer. Again, very nice quality. I also use it to apply the inner corner and brow bone highlighter.nabla-lash-smudger-brush (1)

Liner & Brows
This is meant for eyeliner and brow application. It has a very interesting shape and it can work. I feel like it is almost a bit too flexible and soft to get a very sharp line or to fill in the brows with powder. I don’t have a brow pomade anymore and I might buy one to try this brush and see if it works better with a pomade. It is not bad at all but it is not revolutionary. nabla-liner-brows-brush (1)

Lip & Detail
Very nice brush to apply lipstick or to apply details. There is not a lot to say about this. Very good quality and easy to use.nabla-lip-detail-brush (1)

Shine Theory Lip Gloss in Crazy Diamond
This is Nabla’s first attempt at a lip gloss formula and I can already tell you that they nailed it. I have an obsession with glittery lip glosses at the moment and when I saw the four shades that were released, I immediately went for the Crazy Diamond one because it is a glittery one. The formula is really smooth and buttery. There’s no stickiness but it’s a gloss so it’s thicker than most lip products. It doesn’t last very long but is easy to reapply and feels comfortable on the lips. It’s also a tad hydrating. The colour is absolutely stunning. It mostly clear but it has a hint of a pink with a subtle warm undertone and the glitter is a combination of red, green, pink glitter particles. It looks stunning!

DSC_1667 (1)

So, that is the review of the first eye brush set by Nabla Cosmetics. Overall, the set is made of very fine and good quality. There is no shedding or pieces coming loose. Everything looks like it was intricately made and constructed with a lot of thought behind it. There are some brushes that seem a bit boring but are necessary to achieve a full look. I absolutely adore some brushes such as the soft crease and I’m very happy I made this purchase. The Nabla Eye Brush Set retails for โ‚ฌ46.00 and is available on Boozyshop and Beauty Bay.

That’s all for me today. I hope you enjoyed this review and what do you think of this brush set?
Lots of love and see you next time!


4 responses to “Nabla Cosmetics Holiday Collection: Eye Brushes & Shine Theory Lip Gloss”

  1. Love this review! These brushes are so nice

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    1. Thank you so much lovely! And they’re ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Great review! These brushes seem awesome I definitely need some more eye brushes so may end up buying them xx

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    1. Thank you lovely! The brushes are upon further use definitely amazing! I’ve been using them non-stop, So I definitely recommend them! xx


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