Makeup & Skincare Products I Have Loved in 2018

Hey loves,
Today is the day that I will post my yearly favourites. Let’s get ready for a LONG ride and a lot of pictures. Before we start, can you guess some of the products included in this post? Let me know in the comments what you think will be included.

Sensai Cellular Performance Emulsion II Moisturiser is actually a sample size, haha. I do not remember where or how I got this but I must say that this is a rather generous sample. It contains 7ml and is said to aid the suppleness and hydration of the skin. It is very good at hydrating the skin thoroughly and has a thin consistency which distributes nicely. I mainly love this because it hydrates the skin without leaving a greasy film on top of it. However, I will not purchase the regular size because it retails for €107 in Belgium and I am not about that life.
The Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream has been my saviour in this very harsh and cold winter. I love to combine or layer creams or moisturiser to maximise the hydration. I need all the hydration I can get, especially during the winter and this product gives exactly that. It is slightly thicker in consistency but does not leave a greasy film. It makes the skin look absolutely beautiful, luminous and healthy-looking.
A moisturiser I have mentioned over and over and over again is the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. This is and always will be my favourite moisturiser for daily use. I use the Nivea Q10 plus at night because it gives some thorough hydration whilst the Embryolisse one is more suited for daily use. No greasiness and sinks into the skin beautifully and prevents any dryness or dry patches. It is a big favourite.


I have been loving lip balm lately and I got the Catrice Lip Treatment with Shea Butter from a friend and have adored it ever since. I do not know if this is a limited edition but I sure hope it is not. I have noticed a dramatical decrease of dry patches or cracked dry lips when using this. It is very moisturising and easy to reapply. There is a slight smell but nothing too overpowering and the packaging is gorgeous. Last but not least some oily. The Rose Hip Seed Oil and the Virgin Marula Oil by The Ordinary are yet again products that have saved my skin. I was going to do a review on a few of their products but then some drama happened regarding the brand and I did not feel comfortable enough to post it. The Rose Hip Seed Oil and the Virgin Marula basically do the same thing, however, the Rose Hip Seed oil is slightly more moisturiser and the Virgin Marula Oil can also be used on the hair. The biggest difference is the smell. The Rose Hip Seed Oil smells disgusting, haha. I use both of these oils at night for some thorough re-hydration when I need it.
Now it is time to discuss some makeup items, starting with primer!

I have tried quite a few primers this year. Some good and some very bad. I will discuss the bad ones in my ‘Worst Makeup of 2018’ that will be posted soon. However, the Catrice Nude Glow Primer is amazing. It has a slight tint which makes the skin slightly even and gives a beautiful overall subtle luminosity to the face whilst slightly hydrating as well. Due to the tackiness, it grabs onto any foundation or concealer and blends easily.
The Becca First Light Priming Filter has also been a favourite of mine this year. I use it in conjunction with the Catrice Primer and several moisturisers because I can never have enough shine. It is an illuminating primer without any glitter particles and works well with any foundation or concealer. csc_1869

Honestly, foundation has not been my favourite category this year. I almost never wear it anymore except when I am taking pictures for my blog. Whenever I wear a foundation it is the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy & Smooth but lately, a second one has been added. The Revolution Fast Base Stick foundation is an absolute smasher for dry skin. I find it a bit hard to set fully but it looks amazing on pictures and real life if you apply a tiny amount. I love the coverage and the dewy finish!

If you frequently read my blog then you know that I absolutely love concealers. I have a bunch of them in different finishes and sometimes colours. A concealer that I absolutely loved during the summer of 2018 is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Light, lol. I write ‘lol’ because the colour is nowhere near ‘light’. But the formula is amazing, lightweight and has a natural, slightly dewy finish.
Another concealer that I have been obsessed with is the Kevyn Aucoin Super Natural concealer. If you remember my review, then you know that I thought that the wearability was awful. It creased like crazy and nothing seemed to help. However, it was a very hot summer at the time and I feel like the weather had a drastic impact on the wearability. I decided to try the concealer again during autumn and winter and it has creased (like every concealer does) but nothing compared to this summer. I have given the concealer a second chance and loved it ever since.
The Milani Retouch and Erase concealer was also very loved. It has amazing coverage and a nice finish but I prefer to mix it with a thinner concealer because the Retouch and Erase is a bit thick in consistency.csc_1867

Setting Powder
The Essence Fixing Compact Powder is a ride or die product but I must admit that I have found another powder which lives up to the previous one. Unfortunately, it is slightly too dark and within a palette but the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Unlocked, specifically the Finishing Powder in Soft Light is amazing. I was a bit hesitant at first but I was easily convinced when I saw how the powder didn’t emphasise any dry patches or fine lines. My skin does not look dry or does not feel tight. It is a wonderful powder and it convinced me to buy another colour in the range.csc_1866

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Unlocked will be mentioned in two more categories after this one. This palette is absolutely amazing and I would like to talk about Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Golden Bronze Light and the Finishing Powder in Filtered Light. Of course, Filtered Light is a setting powder but it is so dark for my skin tone that it works as a light bronzer. I like to mix this with a hint of Golden Bronze Light to achieve my perfect colour. It blends effortlessly and looks stunning upon the skin. I love it so much.


Who would have thought that I would be talking about my favourite blushes in 2018? I did not. I never really liked blush that much but I have found some gems this year that work for me. First of all, the Essence Matt Touch Blush and specifically the shade ‘Peach me up!’. It is a beautiful muted peachy shade and is very intense in pigmentation. However, the slightest touch blends onto the cheeks and give the face a natural flush. I absolutely love the formula of these blushes and the colour selection is also very nice.
The Hourglass Blushes in Mood Flush and Nude Glow from, yet again, the Unlocked palette deserves to be mentioned as well. Nude Glow has a hint of shimmer which translates to luminosity and Mood Flush is beautiful on cheeks and eyes. A cream highlight is the Nabla Glowy Skin Stick in Maybe Baby. Such a beautiful pink-peachy shade and the formula is amazing!

I have quite a few highlighters to discuss so I’m going to keep it short, haha. First up, the Metallic Strobe Powder in Champagne Strobe Light from the Hourglass palette. It is beautiful on the skin, no hard lines and blends seamlessly into the skin. Colour is slightly too dark for winter but will be amazing during summer. The Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter. Do I have to talk about this? Because I feel like I have done so a million times. It is glossy-looking whilst still being highly reflective. A favourite forever. The MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Double Gleam is glossy-metallic, my perfect colour and has a beautiful formula. Thanks to my best friend aaaayeee. There is no chunkiness on the skin and it blends very nicely. Another ABH Highlighter is their Liquid Glow in Perla. Amazing on the skin and glossy-heaven. Finally, the Nabla Glowy Skin Stick in Beige Mirage was a limited edition but I hope they make it permanent. It is the best cream highlight I have ever used!


Plain and simple. The NYX Micro Brow Pencils in Taupe and Ash Brown have replaced any other brow product. It is my go-to forever.


I very much liked the L’oreal Baby Roll mascara. It gave nice volume and separated the lashes very nicely. I also enjoyed the Maybelline Lash Sensational for lengthening and volume. The Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara is perfect for something subtle such as a very natural makeup day.

Eyeshadow (Individuals)
I have divided the eyeshadow section into two parts and I want to start with the individuals. Coloured Raine knocked it out of the park with their Vivid Pigments (currently Vivid Pigment palette). Intense pigmentation, easy blending and beautiful looks is what I ended up with every time when using them. Highly recommend.
The Nabla Feather Collection was a nice addition to my collection. I only bought three of them but they are all very unique and have the amazing formula of Nabla. Finally, Buttercupcake by Sugarpill is the best yellow I have come across. Beautiful formula and stunning colour. Winner of the year for me.


Eyeshadow Palettes
Let us start with the first palette, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette. Just a neutral palette? Think again because this is the best neutral palette on the market. Beautiful formula and seamless results every time. I adore the shade ‘Orange Soda’.  The Nabla Soul Blooming Palette made my heart palpitate very hard when released and in my hands. I love the colour scheme so much and the packaging is so original. One of the most original concepts I have seen this year and Flowery is so pretty. The Juvia’s Place Zulu palette is amazing if you want to experiment with bright colours for the first time. Every shade is workable and user-friendly, even the purple and the shimmers are astonishing. They do not need a glue or setting spray. Another palette which is amazing and somewhat affordable is the NYX Ultimate Brights Palette. Very good for a drugstore and somewhat affordable brand.


Liquid Lipstick
I have tried a lot of liquid lipsticks in 2018. However, I feel like my love for them has passed a bit. I like them but I do not love them anymore, you know? I still love a few of them because of their comfortability whilst still being long-wearing. One of them is the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip. I have the shades ‘Rêver’ and ‘Dreamy’ from the Kathleenlights collab. I love the fact that these are semi-matte, full of pigment and insanely comfortable.
The Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks are also a big favourite because of their comfortability. Slightly more matte and mousse-like than the Colourpop ones but still very good.


Surprisingly, Faux by MAC Cosmetics has been a favourite of mine in 2018. I was not very fond of it at first because it looked too cool-toned but it has found a way to my heart. Another lipstick by MAC Cosmetics that I have been loving is Chili. The right pop of heat whenever you are feeling a bit blue. Sheer Liar by Urban Decay deserves an honourable mention. It was one of my favourite everyday lipsticks. Unfortunately, I forgot is somewhere on vacation and it is currently living its life in France.  A lipstick palette which was absolutely amazing in 2018 was the Catrice Lip Artist Pro Palette. So affordable and so good. My favourite nude and most worn lipstick this year has been the Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Kiss. This one is matte to its core and has zero shine but manages to feel comfortable on the lips.


Lip Gloss
Lip gloss has made a comeback in 2018. At least in my life, it has haha. I want to start by mentioning the  Catrice Lip Volumizing Lip Gloss in Nut’s About Mary. I have yet to repurchase it because my local drugstore NEVER stocks it and it’s honestly annoying me. I love this formula to bits and the colour is gorgeous. Another lip gloss which has been a massive favourite is the Colourpop Ulta Glossy Lip in Moon Child. Whew. Amazing formula and no stickiness. I am going to buy more in 2019, that’s for sure. The most beautiful lip gloss award goes to the Nabla Shine Theory Lip Gloss in Crazy Diamond. A ton of different and fun sparkles and a stunning formula.


Setting Spray
You already know by now that the Catrice Prime & Fine Dewy Glow Fixing Spray has outshined any other setting spray. It has been my favourite ever since I got my hands on it and I have repurchased it several times. So good for the drugstore. I love it to bits. csc_1856

So with that said, I will conclude this 2018 skincare and makeup favourites post by wishing you a happy 2019 and lots of reading or reviewing pleasure. Were any of your guesses right? And what are your 2018 favourites? Let me know!
Lots of love and see you soon! 






8 responses to “Makeup & Skincare Products I Have Loved in 2018”

  1. This was such a fun read! Yearly faves are the best because I feel like it is an indication of people’s absolute faves. A few of your faves have definitely piqued my interest (just have to wait till my January No Buy is over 😅😅)


    1. Omg thank you so much and I feel the same way! It feels a bit like you’re annoying people by again repeating what you love but I think it’s an indication of which products are actually good and worth the money. I base a lot of my purchases on favourite videos or posts! I’m curious to know which products piqued your interest and let me know if you like them! Good luck with the no buy, I am mentally and virtually supporting you 😀 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I also really love the NYX brights palette, and I feel like most people absolutely hate it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. People hate this palette? WHAT? It’s amazing and I love it to bits, haha. Thank you for reading! x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I also love it! I have heard so many people trash it but I think for what you pay, it’s good quality.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Indeed it is, I totally agree with you!


  3. I tried that Catrice lip butter and I loved it, it is so amazing. I need to pick it up as soon as possible because my poor lips are so dry. It is part of their permanent line, so that’s great, you can get it easily. Also love Catrice setting spray, I got one from Malaika Raiss limited edition and it is so great. I just hope they are going to make bigger bottle, because I use it far too much and it’s already almost out :/. Great favorites girl. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Catrice Lip butter was one of my absolute favourites. I also need to get it soon because these lips are as dry as sand! I don’t think we have the Malaika Raiss Limited edition yet but if the spray is good then I need it. I also hope they make the bottle bigger! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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