Trying Lime Crime Makeup Lip Products:

Hey guys,
Lime Crime is a brand that I have wanted to try for so long and I finally got the chance when I was gifted one of their holiday Best of Lip set in Nudes. Today I will review their lipliner, liquid lipstick, diamond crusher and lipgloss.

lime-crime-lip-products-review (1)

The packaging is absolutely to die for. It’s very cute. I normally don’t like a pink aesthetic but the rose pattern and general design are really nice. The packaging of the lip products is all a bit the same. They all come in a tube and have a similar doe-foot applicator. I love the applicator of the Wet Cherry lip gloss the most because it’s the fluffiest whilst the matte Velvetine liquid lipstick is the most precise and small. The Velvetine Lip Liner has the standard lip liner packaging but the design is beautiful. These are all mini’s and not the full-size version. They’re easy to try out the formula and handy on the road to reapply or for travelling.

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Wet Cherry Lip Gloss In Cherry Cream
Wow. This has a beautiful formula. First of all, the pigment isn’t too sheer and still provides an opaque layer. I would describe it as medium coverage. You can still see the colour on the lips and the difference between other shades is noticeable. The Wet Cherry lip gloss goes on like butter, super smooth and creamy. The formula doesn’t feel sticky or too tacky. Some lip glosses are like glue but this one isn’t like that at all. The formula actually reminds me of the Catrice Volumizing Lip Butter but Wet Cherry has more pigment. Cherry Cream is a beautiful light pinky nude and feels ever so hydrating on the lips. Not like a lip balm but the lips don’t feel tight or dry. The only negative is the smell. I really dislike the smell and it makes my insides turn. I’m still trying to get used to it. The full size retails for €17 and is available in twelve shades on Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty.
lime-crime-lip-products-review (3)csc_2179

Velvetine Lip Liner in Angel
I’m really glad this lip liner came in the set because I almost never wear lip liner and it seems a bit useless to me. However, I actually ended up quite liking the Velvetine Lip Liner. I mainly use this the create some extra dimension or depth when wearing a lip gloss. The formula is very creamy and glides on very easily. It’s not too waxy nor too dry and also not too drying on the lips. This is the shade Angel which is almost the same shade as the Matte Velvetine in the set. The full size retails for €16 and is available in 22 shades on Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty.

Matte Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in Elle
Yet again, a very nice formula. This one doesn’t have a scent which I can appreciate. The consistency reminds me of the Nabla Dreamy Liquid Lipstick only a hint thinner. It has consistency between liquid and mousse-like. The pigmentation is amazing and you only need a tiny bit to cover the lips in an opaque layer. The wearability is amazing and I have worn this through several meals with only a tiny touch-up afterwards. The Velvetine also feels very comfortable for a long time. I only need to apply a bit of lip balm after 5-6 hours of wear. However, I tend to use lip balm in the beginning as well because I like the look of it. I have the shade Elle which is described as a peachy apricot nude and is currently one of my favourite nudes. The full size retails for €20 and is available in 25 shades on Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty.

Diamond Crusher in Over The Rainbow
This lip product is more of a lip topper to me and a very pretty one, indeed. The formula is very liquidy, on the verge of watery. However, it stays on the lips nicely and dries down pretty fast. The pigmentation is quite sheer but that is to be expected from a lip topper. However, the distribution of glittery sparkliness is so pretty and doesn’t feel gritty whatsoever. Over The Rainbow has almost a glossy effect from afar due to the shimmer and gorgeous blue/golden glitter sparkle up close. It’s a very fun lip product for a part or a special occasion. The full size retails for €20 and is available in 10-17 shades (Over The Rainbow seems to be an exclusive shade to the set) on Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty.
lime-crime-lip-products-review (5)lime-crime-lip-products-review (6)

Swatches + Insta Video

lime-crime-lip-products-review (4)
Wet Cherry Lip Gloss in Cherry Cream
Velvetine Lip Liner in Angel
Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in Elle
lime-crime-lip-products-review (7)
Diamond Crusher in Over The Rainbow

That’s it for this review. I must say that I have enjoyed using these products the last few weeks and the Velvetine Lip Liner and Matte liquid lipsticks have quickly become favourites. I love the formula of the Wet Cherry Lip Gloss but I really have to get used to the smell. The Diamond Crusher is very fun to try out. I’m getting some more Lime Crime in the future, that’s for sure. I already have my eye on the Bushy Brow products, haha.
Which lip product would you like to try from this set? Have you tried Lime Crime before?
Lots of love and see you next time!


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    1. I really like their lip products so far! I’m excited to try more! 😀

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