Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow

Hey loves,
Glitter is, in my opinion, one of the prettiest things to wear on the eyes, however, it’s also very messy and hard to remove. Stila Cosmetics took the world by surprise and started a huge hype with the Glitter & Glow formula. Today I want to review them and tell you if I think they’re worth the money!

stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (2)

I received this little gift set from my family, along with a few other things, for New Year. I made a list of some things that I wished for and they were so kind as to get me the things that I most wanted. The Stila Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadows have been on my wishlist for a very long time and after accidentally buying the Shimmer & Glow (review here), I finally have to opportunity to try them and share what I think. The set is called ‘Oh My Stars’ and contains the colours ‘Diamond Dust’, ‘Golden Goddess’ and ‘Kitten Karma’. I think the colours are very beginner friendly because they’re silver, gold and bronze. The basic shades but also the most used for a lot of people.

stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (3)

The Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow eyeshadow comes in a square bottle with a doe-foot applicator. The applicator is a bit flimsy but still allows you to have somewhat of a precise application. The top of the tube has a matte gold cap and gold embossings, such as the brand’s name and other details. I have the mini versions of the Glitter & Glows and each eyeshadow contains 2.25mL. The full size contains 4.5 mL and retails for +/- €28 depending on the retailer. The Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadows are currently available in twenty shades.

stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (6)

The formula of these liquid glitter eyeshadows depends on the colour. Some are more liquid whilst others seem a bit drier. Some have more of a base pigment whilst others do not. However, they all have a lightweight consistency and apply very easily. You will not have the same issues as with loose glitter where the glitter goes everywhere. There is no fall-out and is not messy in the slightest. The pigmentation varies between colours depending on the amount of a base pigment. Still, all of them are highly reflective and easy to build up. Do take into account that the Glitter & Glow’s sets within a minute and you have to blend quite fast.

stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (5)

If you want to give your look that extra touch or some major impact, these are the way to go. They’re highly reflective and have zero fall-out. My only cons with this product are the fact that I still feel the cooling and irritating effect, almost like a slight burning feeling, however, it is less than the Shimmer & Glow and my eyes do not seem irritated or red when I erase the product. The other thing that I have to mention is the fact that these are not exactly smudge-proof. They will slightly transfer if you touch them. Last but not least, the removal is easy but feels a bit gritty due to the glitter particles.

stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (7)

Diamond dust
Diamond Dust is a colour that does not have a very strong base pigment. Therefore it is a bit dry in consistency and almost ‘less’ pigmented. However, this shade is filled with lots of glitter particles and they reflect all kinds of colours, such as silver, blue, green and so on. This colour is very multidimensional up close and stunningly reflective from afar.stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (8)stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (11)

Gold Goddess
A very beautiful colour and up to now, my most used one. I have been wearing this in a bunch of looks as an inner corner highlight or a little touch to the centre of the lid. The colour is reminiscent of Electric in the Subculture palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills (review here). It’s gold with a very subtle green undertone. The formula is easy to apply and a bit more liquid than Diamond Dust. The reflection of this one is amazing and the glitter particles are very present.stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (9)stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (12)

Kitten Karma
I think this is the most popular of the entire collection. It’s also the one with the most base pigment and is, therefore, the most pigmented and reflective of the bunch. It’s a champagne colour with silver and copper sparkle and is a few shades darker than the Shimmer & Glow in Kitten. It has a very neutral undertone and can be paired with a wide spectrum of looks. stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (10)stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (13)

SWATCHESstila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (14)stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (16)stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (17)stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (18)stila-glitter-and-glow-set-review-swatches-golden-goddess-kitten-karma-diamond-dust (15)

That’s it for my review of the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows. I really like these because I really love glitter. This is such an easy and fuss-free way to apply glitter without all the fall-out and messiness of removing it. I’m absolutely in love with these three colours and I already have other colours on my wishlist. I definitely recommend buying these if you’re a big fan of glitter or if you want to give your look that extra touch!

What do you think of the Glitter & Glows?
Lot’s of love and see you soon!

8 responses to “Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow”

  1. briannamarielifestyle avatar

    Omg love it!!
    Brianna |

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  2. Kitten Karma is one of my fave individual eye products, so stunning!

    Great review as always ☺️

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    1. Kitten Karma is really stunning and thank you so much! 😀


  3. Life With Jacqueline Alyssa avatar
    Life With Jacqueline Alyssa

    Omg these look gorgeous!!!

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  4. Oh my God, gotta love glitter. These are stunning, love the shades in this pack, they work alone or even combined together. Lovely review dear. xx

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    1. I love glitter so much. Especially now that I have these. They’re absolutely stunning! Thank you for reading and the support you give, like always! xx

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