February Low Buy Haul

Hey guys!
Today’s post is a little Low Buy Haul, meaning that I will show you what I bought this month to review and how it matches my Low Buy Challenge!

I want to start off by saying that I didn’t do this in January because my products haven’t arrived yet. For my Low Buy haul of January, I decided to order some things from Colourpop and I’m so excited! But obviously shipping takes some time and I am pretty sure it’s almost ready to be delivered. Also, I decided to make February a more affordable month, instead of the high-end makeup I have been purchasing recently. I am very excited to tell you that I am very happy with my purchase this month. Probably the happiest I have been in a long time.


The first thing I bought was the Boozyshop MicroFiber Makeup Sponge. It’s supposedly a dupe for the Juno & Co Microfiber Velvet sponge. It’s supposed to be smooth like velvet and the special microfiber hairs should pick up and blend makeup more easily. I was really intrigued by the velvet texture and I had to replace my makeup sponge anyway and at €4,95, I didn’t hesitate. Edit: yes I have already used it once. Not too sure.


Next, I decided to pick up the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation in the shade F2 which retails for €9,95. I recently asked on Instagram what some of you would recommend from their brand and I remember that someone mentioned this foundation. I have almost run out of my Revolution Fast Base foundation (sad face) and I decided to pick up a different foundation before repurchasing a favourite. I’m really interested to see how this works on my skin because I am very picky with foundations, haha.


As mentioned before, the Revolution Fast Base Foundation is one of my favourite foundations and I was very excited to see a corresponding concealer. The Fast Base concealer is said to have a lightweight formula with a medium to buildable coverage. I bought the shade C3 and retails for €3,49.


My trusty NYX Micro Brow Pencil is empty and I needed a new one. The Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil seemed like a good replacement and even a dupe. It’s also a bit cheaper than my NYX pencil. I bought the shade Taupe and I hope it will not be too warm for my brows. This product retails for €4,95.


When I saw this palette, I knew I had to do a comparison post with one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes, Soft Glam by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is the Revolution Reloaded Velvet Rose palette and it looks like a pretty good dupe for Soft Glam. I’m curious to see how it compares and which one is better. Would you be interested in such a post and do you want a video or a blog post? This palette retails for €4,95.


The last thing from Makeup Revolution is the Pretty Strong palette. Fun story, I got this for free! Boozyshop, which is the retailer where I bought my stuff, gives you a choice for a free gift when you spend a certain amount and this was one of the options. At first, I didn’t really understand the colour scheme but I think I can see some fun combinations now. I’m curious to see how good the formula is.


The last item I purchased is the Barry M Holographic Eye Topper in the colour Asteroid. I have seen Mmmmitchell use this a few times and Instagram and it seems so pretty. I’m not sure if he used this particular shade but this was the one I was intrigued by the most. It’s a beautiful purple and blue pigment and it seems to have a stunning reflection. This retails for €6.49.


My total for this month was €34,78 which is pretty good because I still have about €5 left to spend if I need anything and I really love the products I have purchased and I’m very excited to try all of them. What do you think of this Low Buy haul? Which products are you excited about and which ones would you like to see reviewed?
Lots of love and see you next time!

7 responses to “February Low Buy Haul”

  1. The first eyeshadow is soooo tempting to me!

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  2. I would love to hear your thoughts on the velvet rose palette! I have wanted to get soft glam, but I just haven’t wanted to spend the money! If this is a pretty good dupe, I might get this instead!

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    1. I have swatched it already next to soft glam and all of the shades are pretty similar! I will test them further and see if the formula is the same! 🙂

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  3. Revolution Reloaded Velvet Rose palette looks so stunning, shades are perfect for daily easy looks, but also for some glam occasions. I actually never saw this palette before, but I hope you’ll do review on it as I’m really tempted to order it. xx

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    1. It looks so pretty right? I’m really excited to see how it compares to Soft Glam. I have two more reviews before this one but it will be up in about five days, if I can stick to my schedule this time haha 😀 xx

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