OUAI Haircare: Worth The Hype?

Hey guys,
Today’s post is going to a little bit different. I purchased some hair products last December and have been trying them out for the last two months. Today I will be reviewing one of the most hyped up hair care brands: Ouai.

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It was around December/January that I purchased this little The Three Ouai kit. How cute is the name? Ouai equals way, get it? haha. Anywho, I find it hard to remember how much I paid for it so I apologise in advance. I saw this kit and I was very excited to try out some products by Ouai. A lot of youtubers, such as Jamie Paige, seem to love this brand and I couldn’t resist when this little kit was on sale. This kit contains a Wave Spray, the Volume Spray, a Dry Texture Foam and some hair clips. How cute. Let’s start the review!


Dry Texture Foam
Says to be good for wavy, curly and straight hair. The smell is amazing and it’s something that all of the products have in common. They all smell amazing. I  spray some of the foam between my hands and then distribute it through my hair when it is dry. I like the texture it gives my hair when it’s looking a bit flat and the way it holds its shape. There’s one thing I don’t love about this and that is the way it clits my hair together and makes the hair feel a bit rough. Crunchy is the best way to describe it and combing your brush through it is a bit painful. Maybe that’s just something that comes with the desire for texture in your hair, but I’m not necessarily fond of it.
The full size retails on Cult Beauty for approximately €27 and contains 165g.


Volume Spray
The Volume Spray also smells heavenly. I find it difficult to explain how it smells, so I’m not going to try haha. I use this after I have washed my hair and basically spray it everywhere and after that, I blow dry my hair. My hair is quite thick and naturally has a lot of volume after a blow dry, so it was a bit tricky to see if this did anything. However, I did see a bit of a difference after using it more. I do like this product but it’s not a necessity. A family member used it and it worked a lot better on her because she has fine hair. The full size retails for approximately €22 and contains 140mL.


Wave Spray
Last but not least, the Wave Spray. This is supposed to be a texture mist for an effortless and undone hair. I spray this on wet and dry hair and mainly use it to style the hair. I find that it holds the curls or wave very well and for a very long time. I know that a lot of people struggle with losing their curl throughout the day and I think this is a great product to prevent that. I have quite thick hair and it prevented any loss of curl, so I think it will work for thin and thick hair. The heavenly scent is an added bonus. It also doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or greasy which I love!
The full size retails for €25 and contains 150mL but there is also a mini version available for €11 which contains 50mL.


That’s it for my review of the brand Ouai and their haircare products. I must admit that I like these products but I don’t view them as a necessity and I think it unlikely that I will repurchase any of them in the future. The only product that I might repurchase is the Wave Spray because it holds waves or curls so well. But even then I would buy the mini version instead of the full size as these products are quite expensive and I think you can find alternative, cheaper options.

What do you think of Ouai and are there any products you would like to try?
Lots of love and see you next time!

4 responses to “OUAI Haircare: Worth The Hype?”

  1. poutineandprada avatar

    I haven’t tried anything from Ouai but the texture foam sounds right up my street.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It can definitely work if you use it correctly. I would give it a go!


  2. I never tried any of these products actually, but I heard only positive words for wave spray, I would definitely want to get it. I have problems with my hair holding curls because my hair is so long and thick, it’s really heavy haha. That one seems perfect for me definitely Lovely review, love the photos also. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The wave spray is definitely good. I think you will like it when you try it because it holds curls very well. My hair isn’t the longest but very thick and therefore heavy. Curls usually don’t stay but this helps significantly. Thank you for reading and for the compliments! 🙂 xx

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