It Cosmetics CC+ Illumination Foundation

It Cosmetics. I have heard quite a lot about this brand and especially their CC+ foundations. I was very intrigued when I saw that they had launched on Cult Beauty and I immediately ordered the illuminating foundation. Read more to find out what I think of it.

When I saw that It Cosmetics was finally more easily accessible for Europe, I immediately went to Cult Beauty and decided to make an order. I was hesitating between the original CC+ Cream or the CC+ Cream Illumination. Unfortunately, my shade wasn’t available anymore in the original versions, so I went with the Illumination.


The packaging is really nice. It’s a plastic pink tube with a lovely dispenser. You have control of how much foundation you want to pump out of it, making the application very easy. I usually use 2 full pumps for my entire face. The CC+ Illumination Cream is available on Cult Beauty and retails for £31 or €35. The foundation is available in 12 shades and I must say that I am not impressed with my shade. I have the shade light, which is the second to lightest in the range and it is not fair or light. I have to be very careful when blending this out because it looks a bit too dark on me.


According to the It Cosmetics site, this foundation is a full coverage colour correcting cream. It is infused with micronized light-reflecting pigments that are not glittery or shimmery. It should also give you clinically tested hydration whilst diffusing the appearance of skin imperfections with a flawless coverage that will not crease or crack. It should also minimize the appearance of pores and has an SPF 50. That’s a lot of claims according to It Cosmetics and let us find out if they are true, shall we?

The formula is where the tricky bit of this review begins. First of all, this cream has a scent. It smells very citrusy, almost like my Becca First Light Priming Filter. It’s nothing that I can not handle but it is worth mentioning for people with sensitivity. The consistency is very creamy and feels hydrating upon application. Upon application, the finish also looks dewy and very natural on top of the skin. I love the way it makes my skin look at first and the way it doesn’t cling to any dry patches on the forehead or elsewhere. I have noticed that it clings to patches between my brows when I don’t moisturise properly, so that is something to remember. The pigment is sheer to light coverage and can be build up to medium coverage. It is not, as they claim, full coverage.


I did a number of wear tests on this foundation and also took it with me to Ireland, so I have a clear view of how this wears and what bothers me. As I said before, it looks really nice upon first application when you moisturise properly. However, after a few hours, it can look a bit dry around the nostrils and it looks a tad cakey in that area.  That being said, this foundation is not hydrating at all, like as they claim. My skin feels dry and tight. Something that I really liked was the fact that it never sunk into any fine lines and looked fairly decent at the end of the day. It started to fade on my chin and a bit on my cheeks, but nothing too noticeable.


At the end of the day, my face feels very tight but somehow still manages to look dewy. It’s a very weird feeling because you feel matte but you look dewy. That’s my biggest con of this foundation. The shimmers inside of this foundation. Yes, it makes you look dewy but your face looks glittery. You can see the shimmer on your skin and it also transfers. I would rather have a foundation that is hydrating and therefore looks dewy, instead of a foundation that seems dewy but feels tight and looks glittery.

Excuse these pictures. I was halfway through doing a look when I realised I still had to take pictures of this foundation, haha.
BeFunky-collage (1)

My conclusion is that this foundation isn’t bad but it’s not good either. I love the longevity, the barely creasing and the finish it gives but I hate the tight feeling and the shimmers that this foundation gives. I will still continue to use it in conjunction with other foundations but it is not my favourite. I’m not very wowed by this foundation and I do not think that I will repurchase it in the future. It’s just a bit in between and it’s a shame really.

What do you think of this foundation? Do you mind shimmer in your foundation? Also, have you ever tried something from It Cosmetics?
Lots of love and see you soon!


6 responses to “It Cosmetics CC+ Illumination Foundation”

  1. I have heard of this foundation, but haven’t tried it. Personally the strong citrusy small is kind of turn off. I do not like my make-up selling strong. Thanks fr sharing this sweets! ❤

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    1. The citrus scent is definitely overwhelming and I understand not wanting to try this foundation because of it. You’re welcome! ❤


  2. I’ve only tried the original foundation, not the illuminating version but I didn’t find it to be full coverage either! It’s very sheer but as you said can be built up.
    I really loved the Original CC cream in the summer but now that it’s cold & dry I can’t wear it, it emphasizes all my dryness!
    I’ll probably stay away from this version, I’m not a fan of glittery finishes. Great review!

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    1. It’s definitely not full coverage, indeed! Maybe I’ll try the original CC cream but not soon. I feel a bit hesistant now that I have used this one, haha. Glittery finishes are just not it. Thank you!

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      1. I wonder how different the formulas could really be if it’s the same foundation just with the added luminosity/glitter :S I hope you find one that works better for you!

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      2. I’m curious to try the original now, since a lot of people seem to love this one and maybe it’s better without the additonal glitter 😀 We’ll see where life takes me haha

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