Colourpop BFF Mascara: Black On Black & Yellow Goodbye

Hey guys,
Today’s post is very exciting because today I will be reviewing the new Colourpop BFF Mascara’s. I am really excited and I have some thoughts. Let’s start the review!

Colourpop released a total of seven shades for $8 each. You can also get the PR box with all of the mascaras for $50, which is $6 cheaper than when you would buy them individually. Converted to euro that means that each mascara costs โ‚ฌ7 and the PR box is approximately โ‚ฌ43. When I saw the announcement, I was so excited but also so torn between the shades that I could choose from. Eventually, I ended up getting the black shade which is called ‘Black on Black’ and the yellow shade which is called ‘Yellow Goodbye’. Such cute names, aren’t they? The mascaras each contain 7 grams and all of these shades are cruelty-free.

Colourpop-BFF-Mascara-review-yellow-goodbye-black-on-black-swatches (5)Colourpop-BFF-Mascara-review-yellow-goodbye-black-on-black-swatches (9)

Colourpop promises that this mascara will never let you down and will instantly lift the lashes whilst volumizing and lengthening. The nylon fibre brush is shaped to comb through each lash and will deliver a buildable look that never clumps. It’s also supposed to not flake, wow. A lot of claims, it is. I personally feel as if the wand isn’t that special and pretty standard looking but the fibre element makes it interesting. I personally like lengthening mascaras more than volumizing ones because the volumizing ones always look very clumpy. I’m curious to see if the BFF Mascara is also clumpy and if the different colours show up on the lashes.

Colourpop-BFF-Mascara-review-yellow-goodbye-black-on-black-swatches (2)Colourpop-BFF-Mascara-review-yellow-goodbye-black-on-black-swatches (3)

The formula of these is pretty good. It’s definitely volumizing and you get nice and thick lashes without the clumpy look. The formula is pretty buildable and it never looks like spider lashes after several coats. I feel like a lot of the volumizing mascaras that I have tried were always clumpy and too thick, so the fact that the BFF mascara doesn’t do that is amazing. I do think that it’s not as lengthening as Colourpop claims. I would have like a little bit more of a lengthening aspect but that’s easily fixed by curling the lashes I guess. Yellow Goodbye does give more length than Black on Black, which surprised me.

Colourpop-BFF-Mascara-review-yellow-goodbye-black-on-black-swatches (4)Colourpop-BFF-Mascara-review-yellow-goodbye-black-on-black-swatches (6)

I do feel like Black on Black is a bit messy to apply, something that I don’t really experience with Yellow Goodbye. You can see it in the swatches as well. I have to clean up some of the black colour that went messy. I feel like it’s due to the formula and the big brush of this mascara. The pigment of the BFF Mascaras is pretty amazing. I was blown away by Yellow Goodbye. It has so much pigment for a yellow mascara and really pops onto the lashes. Black on Black is really pigmented and makes the lashes very dark and black. Exactly how I want it. At the end of the day, I experienced a bit of smudging for the black Mascara but nothing too dramatic. This happens with most of my mascaras, so I don’t really mind. There was a bit of flaking as well but again, very minimal.

Colourpop-BFF-Mascara-review-yellow-goodbye-black-on-black-swatches (7)Colourpop-BFF-Mascara-review-yellow-goodbye-black-on-black-swatches (8)

Black On Black

Yellow Goodbye
DSC_0344juvia's tribe palette

I think I prefer mascaras that are a bit more lengthening, however, this mascara is not bad at all especially for the price. The packaging is so cute and pretty. The formula is really good and ticks most boxes for a volumizing mascara. I love the fact that they brought out multiple colours to the market as I love to create editorial looks with it. I have my eye on the red and blue mascara next, haha. I also love that the formula is equally as good if not better than the original black one. Usually, the black mascara is good but the other colours are a catastrophe and that is not the case with these. I think Colourpop did really good with this launch and I hope to see more colours in the future and maybe a lengthening mascara. Either way, I’m picking up more of them in the future.

That’s it for this review. What do you think of these Colourpop BFF Mascaras? What do you think of the colourful mascaras? Which colours would you like to see next?
The Colourpop BFF Mascaras are available for $8 (โ‚ฌ7) on!
Lots of love and see you next time!

13 responses to “Colourpop BFF Mascara: Black On Black & Yellow Goodbye”

  1. Very nice review, the yellow mascara is awesome, I love how it looks with the makeup look you created!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely!! The yellow mascara definitely holds my preference, it’s a banger ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the way you made the colored mascara look awesome! It is rare to make a colored mascara look good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment!!


  3. love colourpop! these are so fun & the packaging is so cute ๐Ÿ’– loving the looks you created, that yellow mascara looks insanely good ๐Ÿ’›

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my first time trying a few products from Colourpop and I’m really loving them so far! And thank you so much, so sweet!! โค

      Liked by 1 person

  4. rebeccaallattbeauty avatar

    So glad I saw this review as Iโ€™ve been thinking about buying the set since they have a free world wide shipping code at the moment! Thank you โค๏ธ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely go for the set, the mascaras are so much fun! I really like the fact that they had free shipping and I picked up a few bits and pieces, haha. I have heard that colourpop currently calculates and combines the customs in your total (for the UK). I think that would be interesting for you as well, because you can see what everything will cost, including customs ๐Ÿ˜€ โค


  5. I love the cute packaging and the yellow is so bright!! I haven’t seen colored mascara since the 80’s / 90’s!! I bet all the colors are just wicked awesome!! โ™ฅ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The packaging is the cutest! I want more of them because I love coloured mascara now. Colorpop is bringing back the good times! ๐Ÿ˜

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Your lashes have so much curl! I love the black one, I don’t think that the yellow appeals to me. I wouldn’t have much use for it. It would be nice for editorial style looks though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you! The yellow one is indeed very good for editorial looks or extremely special occasions. ๐Ÿ˜

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