Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette

Hey guys,
It seems as if we have all waited for this for such a long time and the day finally came. Anastasia Beverly Hills, known for their brow products and outstanding formulas, released their first colourful eyeshadow palette. Riviera, here comes the summer.

anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (2)

I must say, I was very pleased and confused when I first saw this palette. I was confused because the colour scheme is very colourful and bold but still seems to be muted. Does that make sense? It seems so impactful but at the same time, it is not. I don’t know man, haha. I just feel like it is a wearable colourful palette and I can see it working for runway looks and wearable looks with a pop of colour. Anyway, I really love the colour scheme and I applaud Anastasia Beverly Hills for stepping out of their comfort zone and creating a palette which isn’t immediately targeted at their normal audience.

anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (1)

ABH describes their new Riviera palette as a palette which has paradise-inspired mattes and metallics. From vibrant jewel tones to bright pop of colour. It’s an essential springtime colour collection featuring classic neutrals and seasonal tones that are perfect for creating your ultimate vacation looks. The palette contains 14 shades of which 8 mattes and 6 shimmers. This palette is cruelty-free and retails for ยฃ46 which is approximately โ‚ฌ53, which is more expensive than their other palettes such as Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam. This palette is unfortunately not vegan because it contains Carmine.

anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (3)anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (5)

The packaging is really stunning. I really like the fact that they changed the fabric of the palette. Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam and Subculture have a velvet-type of material and it gets dirty quickly and is hard to clean. This one is hard to describe but it’s a lot easier to keep clean. The pattern of horizontal white and navy stripes feels and looks very summery and is just stunning. The layout of the inside of the palette is the same as always. Fourteen pan shades, square-shaped and an included mirror. Riviera also comes with a dual-ended brush. It’s actually a good brush and I usually keep them in my collection. I still have and use the brush that came with the Soft Glam palette, haha.

anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (2)anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (1)

I want to mention that this palette contains pressed pigments. Pressed pigments are not eyeshadows because there are no extra ingredients added to pigments. Usually, brands combine pigments with micas, binders or preservatives for a smooth formula of eyeshadow. Pigments however do not and therefore are usually very vibrant and have a lot of colour pay-off. Brands also label this type of product as a pressed pigment because of the law, I think. Pressed pigments are apparently not considered eye-safe and have a tendency to stain the eyelid. The pressed pigments in this palette are Bahamas, Cannes and Palm. The pink, the purple and the brown.

anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (9)DSC_0721

Now on to the formula. The formula of the mattes is incredible and I had absolutely no issues with most of them. Every matte is very blendable and full of opacity. They’re very smooth and feel creamy. I feel like they’re less soft than other shades of ABH that I have tried before. Almost as if they’re pressed harder into the pan. However, the pigmentation doesn’t suffer because of it. Not at all, actually. The pigmentation of the mattes is still insane and packs a punch. Now, talking about the staining. I definitely experienced staining and it was because of the pressed pigments. In particular Bahamas and Cannes stain rather nastily. It’s something to be aware of but it doesn’t take away anything of the overall quality for me. Also, I wanted to address the white shade in this palette, Sails. I have never encountered such a beautiful and PIGMENTED white shade. This shade is amazing and probably the best white shadow on the market. I hope they make this an individual. There isn’t a lot of fall-out of kick-up.

anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (7)

Next the shimmers, very interesting. Just like the mattes, the shimmers pack a punch and are very pigmented. They have a very creamy formula and are so incredibly smooth. They blend into each other like a dream and there is no stark line. The formula is quite unique and I think they’re the best shimmers that ABH has created so far. Compared to other formulas, like Juvia’s place, the ABH shimmers are quite different. The Juvia’s shimmers are quite hard pressed but are still insanely pigmented. The ABH shimmers in Riviera are softer but still pack an equal amount of punch. The Juvia’s ones are more foiled metallics whilst Riviera is sultry metallic if that makes any sense at all. They have the same amount of crumbling though, haha.

SWATCHESanastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (11)anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (12)anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (13)anastasia-beverly-hills-riviera-palette-swatches-review (14)


BeFunky-collage (1)
Sails, Monte Carlo, Bahamas, Seychelles, Inheritance, Palm

That’s it for today’s review. I hope you enjoyed this post and what do you think of this palette by ABH? I really like it and I love the colour scheme. Sails, Seychelles, Inheritance, Mediterranean, Bahamas and Monte Carlo. Yup, very surprising haha.
The ABH Riviera palette is available on ABH’s Website and Sephora.
Lots of love and see you soon!

12 responses to “Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette”

  1. this is gorgeous! i love those yellow shades ๐Ÿ’› & your makeup look is amazing!!

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    1. Aww thank you! The yellow is definitely a stunning colour! xx

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  2. emmakatebanach avatar

    Such a good review lovely X

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  3. The colors are gorgeous and I love this creation you did!! โ™ฅ

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    1. They’re beautiful and thank you!! x

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  4. Wow! That palette is sooooooo pretty! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–

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  5. Great review! I’ve been debating about getting this palette! It looks so pretty!!!

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    1. It’s really stunning and the formula is amazing!

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  6. Such a pretty palette! I’m loving the look you did with it xx

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    1. It’s stunning and thank you so much! xx


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