Colourpop Lippie Stix Review + Swatches

Hey loves,
Today is another Colourpop review. I was really intrigued about the Lippie stix and I think it’s one of Colourpop’s oldest products. Today, I will review five shades of the Toss’ ‘N Turn set and tell you what I think about this formula.

The Lippie Stix were so popular for such a long time. A lot of youtubers and bloggers absolutely raved about them and I think that’s what made them popular, aside from the Ultra Glossy, Satin and Matte Lips. Colourpop recently had free shipping and I decided to pick up this lovely set with five beautiful nude shades of the Lippie Stix. This set has been discontinued since I bought it and tried it out. Fortunately, all these shades are still available individually. They retail for $5,50 which is approximate €4-4,5. Very cheap and affordable!


The packaging is very simple but cute. They have the shape of cigarette, awful comparison I know, and are very easy to take in your purse. The shape of the lipstick is circular and doesn’t really have a sharp tip. This can make application a bit tricky, especially with the darker shades but you can manage it. However, this is not something to just throw on. The shade names are at the bottom of the lipstick and they have corresponding caps. This set contains two formulas. Matte and Matte X. They both should provide one swipe pigmentation and be full-coverage. Matte should have a matte finish and be super comfortable whilst Matte X should be comfortable and ultra-matte. Both have skin-loving ingredients such as shea butter and Vitamin E.


The formula is pretty amazing. They both deliver one swipe pigmentation, even Ziggie the darkest shade. I was amazed at the pigmentation and the opacity. There’s no patchiness whatsoever and no skipping. They definitely feel very comfortable on the lips, especially the Matte formula. The Matte X formula is definitely more matte and less comfortable but still not annoyingly dry feeling. Another thing I was amazed by was the longevity. The Lippie Stix last such a long time and fade beautifully. They don’t crumble but rather leave a stain on the lips. In specific the pink shades. I really love the look of that type of finish, especially with a lip balm on top to re-hydrate.




after shock



I feel like you can definitely see the creaminess with the Matte version, opposed to Matte X. However, I truly love both formulas, despite being more into sheer, glossy products these days. My favourite colours from this set are Cookie, After Shock and Brink. I will definitely repurchase these when I empty them. I’m in love with the Lippie Stix!
What do you think of the Lippie Stix? Have you tried any other lip products from CP?
Lots of love and see you next time!

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  1. I love Cookie! She’s gorgeous! πŸ’•πŸ’–β€οΈ

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