Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer in “Inda Sun”

Hey loves,
Fenty Beauty. It has been a while since I have reviewed a product by this brand. It’s not like I wasn’t interested but there were other products on my mind. That was until I saw their new release of the Sun Stalk’r bronzers, caved in and bought them! Let’s review!

fenty-beauty-sun-stalkr-bronzer-review-swatches-inda-sun (6)fenty-beauty-sun-stalkr-bronzer-review-swatches-inda-sun (8)

The packaging is really gorgeous. It has the octagonal shape, identical to their Killawat Freestyle Highlighter. I reviewed the shade Lighting Dust & Fire Crystal in the past, review here. I think the shape makes it looks very unique and modern. The colour of the packaging is different this time. They decided to go with a beautiful reflective golden copper which is a magnet for fingerprints but is stunning nonetheless. The inside of the bronzer is adorned with a nice mirror and the bronzer has the logo of Fenty Beauty embossed into it. The Sun Stalk’r bronze has no scent.

fenty-beauty-sun-stalkr-bronzer-review-swatches-inda-sun (5)fenty-beauty-sun-stalkr-bronzer-review-swatches-inda-sun (3)

The Sun Stalk’r Bronzer comes in 8 different shades with different undertones. I purchased “Inda Sun” which is the lightest of the bunch. It’s a neutral bronzer with both a yellow and cool undertone. I actually really enjoy this undertone and I prefer it to a red or terracotta undertone. It is a very light shade and I probably could go up a shade to “Shady Biz”, especially in the summer. I have to build it up to get my prefered bronzed look but the undertone is amazing, so I don’t mind. The formula is beautiful but not necessarily unique. It’s very soft and creamy and blends out very well. It’s not the most pigmented bronzer, thank god for that, but it builds up very nicely and isn’t patchy. It looks absolutely seamless when blended properly. I normally don’t like matte bronzers but this one is excellent.

fenty-beauty-sun-stalkr-bronzer-review-swatches-inda-sun (4)fenty-beauty-sun-stalkr-bronzer-review-swatches-inda-sun (2)(The swatch above is applied heavily, swatch below is applied softer.)

I think this is an excellent bronzer and suitable for a lot of skin types. I normally gravitate towards a shimmery bronzer, such as the Hourglass ones, because it gives a more natural appearance and looks less dry on my skin. However, the Sun Stalk’r bronzer works very well. I think part of the reason why people are loving these so much is the shade range and the undertones. Usually, brands come out with two bronzers that are very similar and have the same orange undertone and that’s it. Fenty Beauty released eight shades and almost everyone can find what they’re looking for. Almost everyone because I feel like the darkest shade has a very red undertone and not dark enough for people like Nyma Tang. There’s always room for improvement but I think Fenty did very well.

fenty-beauty-sun-stalkr-bronzer-review-swatches-inda-sun (1)

That’s it for my review on the new Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzers. It definitely became a staple since I got it and became a favourite. They retail for €31 and I love this bronzer! What do you think about these bronzers? Are you picking them up?
You can purchase the Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Bronzers here.
Lots of love and see you soon!

I will post a full face swatch soon. I didn’t have the time to do it yet but it will be up quickly!

15 responses to “Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer in “Inda Sun””

  1. The packing as always with Fenty beauty is on point. I like the shade, it’s definitely for lighter skin tones. I have pretty similar shade in Essence Sun Club mat bronzer. That one was in my project pan for the past 4 months, it’s 15 g of product, it’s so massive. I definitely don’t need more bronzers, I have 8 of them in my collection, I need to use up at lest two more haha. Lovely review as always. xx

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    1. The packaging is indeed lovely, like always. It’s definitely for lighter skintones, even lighter than myself. I have the same bronzer, I think haha. That’s such a lovely bronzer. I’m still expanding my makeup collection and I only have about 4 bronzers and this one was so beautiful, I had to have it πŸ˜› Panning products is the best feeling though. Thank you so much! xx

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  2. How do you say here but attach a post to it? I’ve be trying to figure it out but I can’t!

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  3. ❀️❀️❀️ love it

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  4. emmakatebanach avatar

    I haven’t tried any Fenty products but I’m excited to get my hands on some

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    1. It’s definitely a great brand. I only have four products by them but they’re all amazing quality!


  5. amazing review!! I really enjoy using this bronzer, it blends so nicely and I actually love the fact it’s not that pigmented!!

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    1. Thank you!! Me too. It’s so nice to apply a bronzer without it being too much or too orange. Thanks for reading lovely! x

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  6. That’s a really pretty bronzer! I have t tried anything from Fenty yet.

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    1. It’s really pretty! I would recommend it!

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  7. The packaging is stunning and I love the shade on this bronzer! I hate when bronzers look orange and I think this one would work for my skin tone. Great review! x

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    1. The packaging is beautiful and I think the shade will work beautifully for you! Thank you so much! x

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