Nabla Cosmetics The Secret Palette Review + Swatches

Hey loves,
Interested in A Italian Cruelty-free and fully vegan makeup brand? Nabla Cosmetics is here for you! Today I will review the new and stunning Secret palette. Get prepared for a mysterious trip and let’s reveal the inside of this beauty.

The packaging is really gorgeous. Nabla Cosmetics states that the multidimensional packaging was inspired by Asian luxury textile and by Art Deco with the pop glam accents. I think this is probably my favourite packaging from Nabla so far. It looks mesmerizing and it demands attention. It’s almost as if it screams ‘Play with me!’.

nabla-cosmetics-secret-palette-review-swatches (4)nabla-cosmetics-secret-palette-review-swatches (1)

Inside the palette, there’s a big mirror which is handy for travelling. Most importantly, however, are the fifteen shades which are divided into three chromatic lines. The first line is described as a romantic chromatic line. The second line is based on cooler and glamorous shades, such as green and denim. The last and third line is warmer and more radiant. It has shades inspired by honey and gold. The palette has six different textures ranging from Fluid Metal to Super Matte and Nabla introduces two new textures. Diamond and Velvet.

nabla-cosmetics-secret-palette-review-swatches (3)nabla-cosmetics-secret-palette-review-swatches (2)

Super Matte: This is your typical matte formula. Zero shine, zero glitters.
Very pigmented and opaque.
Fluid Metal: This is the metallic version of a shimmer. More foiled and impactful.
It has a lot of pigmentation and saturation.
Satin: This formula is shimmery but not foiled. It’s a very soft shimmery matte. This formula isn’t the most pigmented but not sheer either. Somewhere in between.
Crystal: Very chunky but very intense. A different kind of glitter. You have to ‘break’ the glitter particles to create a beautiful sheen. Sheer in pigmentation but very reflective.


Diamond: This is a new formula by Nabla Cosmetics. It’s said to be created to emphasize a crystal duo-chrome finish. It feels very creamy and isn’t completely opaque. However, it has beautiful multi-coloured particles and is quite reflective.
Velvet: Another new formula. This formula is usually a combination of a matte shade with a tiny bit of glitter particles. This is to aid the blending process of certain shades. It feels creamy but dry to the touch. Really feels velvety. Also very pigmented.

The formula of this palette is outstanding. I knew their last palette ‘Poison Garden’ wasn’t their best palette from what I’ve read and that’s why I didn’t buy that one. I was a bit hesitant to buy this palette because of it but I am very pleased that I did. All of the textures work amazingly and are a dream to blend. Even Addiction and Nablack, the darkest shades, are blended without a problem. All of the shades are very pigmented but easy to build up if you want to. The shimmers are truly a dream. The Fluid Metals are intense and buttery whilst the Satins provide a softer sheen if you wish for it. The Crystal shade ‘Play Hard’ is my favourite of this palette. I’m also quite impressed with the new Diamond texture. It’s very different from what I’m used to and unique because of it. I had to find a way to work with it but once I did, it’s stunning. Everything layers well and looks blended to perfection. My only remark is that you will experience fall-out with some of the mattes and some of the shimmers. Especially the Diamond texture, since it is so soft and a bit crumbly.


Aesthetic: Satin. Hazel-taupe.
Contigo: Super Matte. mid tone rosy-beige.
Big Experience: Fluid Metal. Crimson red with duo-chrome fuchsia and orange shimmer.
Giulietta: Super Matte. Mid tone pastel pink.
Romeo: Satin. Brown with pink undertone and copper-red shimmer.

Nabla-cosmetics-secret-palette-swatches-review-peculiarbelgian (2)

Play Hard: Crystal. Aqua green duochrome with lime and jade reflects.
Rosemary: Fluid Metal. Forest green with duochrome emerald and teal shimmer.
Addiction: Super Matte. Deep sea green.
Fantasize: Diamond. Denim with duochrome warm gold and scarlet red reflects.
Mea Culpa: Super Matte. Deep warm brown.

Nabla-cosmetics-secret-palette-swatches-review-peculiarbelgian (3)

I Promise: Satin. Light pink champagne.
Hypersensual: Diamond. Trichrome with apricot, amber e orchid reflects.
Ghibli: Super Matte. Salted caramel.
Creation Crown: Fluid Metal. Deep baroque gold.
Nablack: Velvet. Deep black.

Nabla-cosmetics-secret-palette-swatches-review-peculiarbelgian (1)

BeFunky-collage (11)
^Giuiletta, Nablack, Play Hard, I Promise
BeFunky-collage (16)
^Addiction, Fantasize, Creation Crown, Hypersensual

Overall, I think this palette is amazing. I can hardly see and experience any flaws. I absolutely love the different textures and the way every shade blends. The Satin shades are perhaps my least favourite to use but they’re nice for an everyday type of look. I think this palette is very user-friendly and has the possibility to create a myriad of looks. Soft, neutral and sophisticated or graphics, bold and glamorous. Everything is possible. I am very happy to have discovered this mystery.

That’s it for my review. The Nabla Cosmetics Secret Palette retails for €39,90 and is available on Nabla’s website, Beauty Bay and Boozyshop. The palette is cruelty-free and vegan. Made in Italy and wonderful.
Lots of love and see you next time!


17 responses to “Nabla Cosmetics The Secret Palette Review + Swatches”

    1. It’s beautiful! I love it so much 😀


  1. Julia Mazzucato on YouTube also loves Nabla!

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  2. The shades are beautiful and very unique…excellent looks!!

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    1. They’re stunning and very unique indeed! Thank you!!

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  3. The packaging looks so so pretty! Great post xx

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    1. The packaging is just the best! So beautiful and thank you so much! xx

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  4. The shades are so pretty and I love the looks you created with the palette!! I also think the packaging of the palette is amazing!

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    1. The shades are amazing and thank you so much!! The packaging is mindblowing! x

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  5. Shades of this palette are so stunning. I love the first row so much, those are such a fun shades. Also love the looks you did, they are so creative. Lovely review. xx

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    1. It’s a beautiful palette. I’m very happy to have it. The first row is so beautiful, indeed! And so romantic as well. Perfect for a date night. Thank you so much, you’re the sweetest! xx

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  6. These eyeshadows are stunning and I love that the palette has so many cool tones! Gorgeous makeup looks as always x

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    1. Yes, me too! It’s a nice mixture of warm and cool tones that don’t necessarily have to clash when combined! And thank you so much lovely! xx

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  7. Loooove the looks you’ve created here! I really need to start experimenting with colour!

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    1. Thank you!! I was really proud of it, so it means a lot that you love it! Colour is the way to go girl! 😀

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