New Makeup Releases: Craving & Saving #1

Hey loves,
In today’s post, I want to introduce you to a new series on Peculiar Belgian. Today I will be talking about new makeup releases that I am craving to have or rather save my money on. Here we go!

It was the end of June when I decided to have a no-buy month in July. A no-buy-July. I have to mention that my low-buy challenge worked out fine the first four months but quickly failed in May and June. I have some exciting things coming in September and I have to save some money (a lot actually, more in a later post). Also, a lot of makeup releases have not caught my eye. I find a lot of the stuff that brands are/will be releasing quite boring and I’m just generally not interested in them. That’s why I decided to go on a No-Buy-July. I have been doing great lately. It’s been eighteen days and I haven’t bought a single piece of makeup or skincare and instead have been emptying some products which is very satisfying.Β  Also, a quick disclaimer: I do not own the following pictures. All the pictures in this blog post come from @trendmood1 or brand accounts on Instagram. Know that we have that out of the way, let’s begin!



Iconic London – The Brow Silk $28
Look, hear me out. This is ridiculous and not worth your money. I have never tried the brow soap trend but I do know that this product is ridiculous. Get yourself a cheap piece of soap in the local drugstore or shop. Don’t pay $28 (!!!) for the packaging. Okay, it looks cute and I love the vintage vibe. But I doubt that this will be practical. The brush looks enormous and will not brush the brows through. I cannot with this product.


Benefit Cosmetics Part Like A Flockstar Palette $34
I was actually a bit excited for this palette when I first saw it on Instagram. That was until I realised that the top row is divided between eyeshadows and lip products and not just eyeshadows. Needless to say that I was quickly turned off. Furthermore, the waste of space and bulkiness of the packaging annoys me too much. Not spending my money on this.


Kylie Cosmetics – Summer 2019 Collection $198
Kylie Cosmetics just never does it for me. There has not been a single product since their launch that I have been excited about and I refuse to give my money to a brand that seems to lack enthusiasm for makeup. I just don’t feel the love from this brand. This collection is okay but not worth the price in my opinion.


Dominique Cosmetics – Rustic Glam Palette
I don’t know what it is about this palette but it looks a bit jumbled, disjointed, weird to me? I have to be honest and say that Dominique Cosmetics hasn’t really interested me all that much and this looks a bit boring. Which is weird because it has some bright colours but they look dull to me. Saving!


Huda Beauty – Resting Boss Face Setting Spray $32
I have never tried anything by Huda Beauty before and I don’t think this will be my first product. I have watched a lot of reviews on this setting spray and lots of people say it is very heavily fragranced. I have quite a sensitive nose and I reckon I won’t like this at all haha. Also, Alcohol is quite high on the ingredients list, so no thanks.


Natasha Denona – Sunrise Palette $65
Look, I love the size and price of this palette. I really do. However, I’m not too fond of the colour scheme. I think the colours are beautiful but they’re not colours that I use on a daily basis. I actually don’t really enjoy really warm tones all that much. That’s the reason why I will be saving my money on this. I hope she comes out with different palettes with the same size and price though!



Huda Beauty – Neon Obsessions Palettes $29
This is a product by Huda Beauty that might make as the first one I ever purchase. I think the colour schemes are so pretty and I love the overall look of them. I think I’m gravitating towards the Neon Pink and Neon Orange palettes. So beautiful!


Sol – Sol Body Oils $15
This is the brand SOL, the new sister-brand of Colourpop Cosmetics. I took an interest in these dry body oils because they’re very affordable. I have always wanted to try a glittery body oil but the price of many has stopped the purchase of one. However, this one is really affordable compared to others and it looks stunning on the skin!


Colourpop – Just A Tint Lip Crayons $7
This looks really interesting and something that I would definitely use. I have seen the swatches and it looks so juicy and hydrating with just enough colour to it. I think I will definitely purchase one nude to try them out and see!


Lisa Eldridge Makeup – New lipsticks Β£26
These look so beautiful. Her first launch wasn’t really my thing because they were red lipsticks and I don’t really wear red lipstick all that much. But these salmon and pink lipsticks look so perfect. I have my eye on the Go Lightly shade which is the semi-sheer salmon. I hope they will be back in stock soon!

That’s it for the first Craving & Saving!
I hope you enjoyed this new segment on my blog and let me know what has fancied or not fancied your eyes lately!
Lots of love and see you soon!






15 responses to “New Makeup Releases: Craving & Saving #1”

  1. I love watching these kinds of videos on youtube and I am so excited to read your take on it! I really hope Natasha Denona releases a smaller version of the Biba palette in a similar size to Sunrise because I’d love to try her formula and even though the Biba is neutral, I know that is my safe place and that I would use all the shades – very important when you are spending that much on a palette!

    I’ve been on a No Buy for a couple of months now and as hard has it has been, its amazing to actually save money and spend it on summer plans and memories with family and friends that I have coming up. A lot of the makeup I want isn’t going anywhere so I can purchase in the future if I still want it! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! It takes away the urge to buy every single new item that releases, haha. I was thinking the same thing about the Natasha Denona palettes. I would love Biba to be smaller and more affordable. Or maybe the Lila palette because I loooove pinks and purples and use them all the time πŸ˜€

      You definitely have a good mindset and I hope you have a good time this summer! It amazes me how much money we throw away. I sometimes think it’s because I’m bored and anxious and I want to compensate for my feelings by buying makeup. Which is not a good mindset haha. I will remember the fact that it won’t run away in the future. Such a good tip really!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope that her plan is to release smaller versions of her more popular palettes, I think people would love a smaller size of Lila because it may seem like a lot of money to commit to a full size purple-toned palette.

        Thank you so much! I know, when I look at my collection I feel kinda shocked at how I bought on impulse or because of hype so quickly!

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  2. Benefit always makes such chunky cardboard palettes which i assume is to justify the price by giving it a weighty feel. Gosh, the sunrise palette looks sooo nice but ND’s price is a huge no for me. Everything else, nothing is shouting at me. I feel like makeup is kinda in a slump right now. I can’t wait to see something that captures my heart. Hahaha!
    How do you resist the temptation to not buy? HONESTLY I NEED TIPS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true! It’s the reason why I have never bought anything from them. I don’t want bulky packaging, haha. ND’s price is definitely a no for me too. But I do like the smaller palette that she has released because the price is a bit cheaper. I’m still waiting for a palette that I really like by her and that is worth the money though!

      I feel the same way about makeup. Nothing is really exciting or innovative enough for me to buy it. I think Anastasia Beverly Hills has a few tricks up their sleeve though. Their new foundation is launching in August and they will be collaborating with some other people. ABH knows the way to my heart and my weak spots haha. Maybe they will capture our hearts!

      I might write a post with tips and tricks to stop buying so much makeup. Many of them are inspired by Whitney Hedrick on Youtube though. Definitely recommend watching her!

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      1. Me too! I always find their packaging cute but just never picked anything up! I knoww, I saw your bloom palette and I’m just DYING TO GET IT. But urghhh, I’m so broke!
        RIGHT! Omg, I didn’t know they were coming up with foundations! Yess I hope something wil make me go I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE. HAHA.
        Alright, I hope you do and I’ll go check out the channel! Thanks for the rec!😁

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  3. I would never spend $28 on soap for my eyebrows! Crazy! I also haven’t felt particularly compelled to buy anything from Kylie cosmetics. I won a lip kit in a giveaway once and while I like it I don’t think I’d buy one myself.

    I’m planning on getting the Sol Body oil too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The fact that some people will just blows my mind. Hyperconsumerism at its best really. Kylie Cosmetics never really interested me either. The brand feels to much like a money grab to me. Same thing with Kylie Skin.

      Which shade will you get from the Sol Body Oil line? I’m still debating whether I want ‘Platinum’, ‘Soft Gold’ or even ‘Warm Gold’.


      1. Kylie skin is definitely a money grab! I’m always skeptical of makeup brands doing skincare. Usually one or the other is much better quality.

        I think I’m going to get soft gold! I haven’t been able to tan much this summer so I think it’s a good warm but not too bronze shade. At least I hope it will be!

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  4. i definitely need to get my hands on the colourpop just a tint! it sounds amazing πŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They look so juicy and hydrating. Can’t wait to try them! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Excellent picks! The just a tint sticks look super pretty, and I have to agree with you on the Brow Silk. I thought the point of doing soap brows as to make your brow routine cheaper, and $28 is not worth it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m really interested about the tint sticks. Can’t wait to get my hands on them! And so true, I hope people don’t buy the brow silk. It’s ridiculous!


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