Colourpop Super Shock Highlighters

Hey loves,
Today I want to introduce you to my humble collection of Colourpop Super Shock Highlighters. I will review the formula and showcase different colours. Hope you enjoy!

The packaging is quite simple but very iconic for Colourpop. The product comes in a plastic circular packaging with a little clear top and the logo of Colourpop. The bottom of the product has the shade name, finish and other information on it. The packaging of Everybody’s Got A Weakness is a bit different because it was part of the Dinsey Villains collection but it is, in fact, a Super Shock formula. You get 4,2 g for $8, which is 5-6 euros.


I had heard a lot of things about the Super Shock Formula. Much of the emphasis was put on the texture of this product. The texture is indeed very strange when you haven’t experienced it before. It’s a mixture of a bouncy consistency that transforms from a cream to powder. Very strange and exciting to feel. I didn’t stop touching this when I first opened it. Some shades have it more than others though. I feel like Flexitarian isn’t as buttery as the others.

Besides the texture, the finish is very smooth and buttery on the skin. I feel like the formula looks very natural on the skin which might be caused by the creamy consistency. It never looks textured on the cheekbones or other areas. The pigmentation is usually intense but can look natural, depending on the brush that you use.


I was having a little trouble with the application of the Super Shock Highlighters. I eventually found out that a brush, similar to a MAC 116, is the best way to go. My Real Techniques Setting brush, that I normally use, wasn’t really working. But a MAC 116 definitely did the trick. You can apply it subtly or intense depending on your mood.

A glitterized formula with a beautiful pink reflection. I really love this shade. It’s definitely a lot more sparkly and glittery than the others. Not for the faint-hearted. I really love pink highlighters, what can I say?DSC_2108DSC_2109DSC_2114

Lunch Money
I have to be honest. This is not my favourite shade. I feel like the undertone is just as yellow as my skin and it doesn’t seem to show up on my skin. Not a winner.DSC_2097DSC_2100DSC_2103

Probably the most popular shade in the range. This is a nice goldish white colour and is very intense. Be careful or there will be a stripe on your face. I actually use this on a daily basis with that specific MAC brush.DSC_2120DSC_2121DSC_2122

Everybody’s Got A Weakness
This is a light peachy orange with pink reflection. It looks quite natural and not too pigmented, however, it is a tad too dark for my complexion. I actually use this as a blush topper.DSC_2089DSC_2091DSC_2092


Overall, I think the Super Shock formula is very unique and one of a kind. Which is the same thing but you get me, haha. I really love Flexitarian and the other shades, except for Lunch Money. I do think I won’t be buying any more colours until I pan or empty one of these. You can only have so many golds and pinks, right? But I am very impressed with the formula of this! Definitely recommend, especially for the price.
Lots of love and see you soon!

2 responses to “Colourpop Super Shock Highlighters”

  1. These are so pretty! And some of the shades look so subtle until you put it on your had! I love it! Thanks for sharing sweets! โค

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re really pretty and indeed subtle until you use them! xx


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