Stargazer Neon Eyeliners Review & Swatches

Hey loves,
Neon or colourful eyeliners. Most of them currently on the market are utter garbage. Not opaque, very dry or dull in colour. Stargazer claims to be different. Today we will discuss if this is true. Without further ado, the review!

“The highly pigmented Neon liquid liner formula delivers a bold eye look that is smudge-proof, flake-proof and smear-proof and with no mess or excess.  The formula is vegan-friendly, paraben-free and cruelty-free. The neon pigments react to glow under UV black lights to fluoresce with bright colour. The Neon glow is very striking and will get you noticed in the club or festival. Use the liner for intense definition, the thin brush supplies smooth, even lines for lasting intensity with the brightest colour possible.”

Stargazer-neon-eyeliners-review-swatches (1) Stargazer-neon-eyeliners-review-swatches (3)

The packaging is very simple and sleek. It looks a bit cheap but honestly, I don’t care. I don’t need my neon eyeliners to have very luxurious packaging, you know? There are six shades available in the Neon Eyeliner range. I have five of them. The only shade I don’t have is the yellow one. The purple shade is of the normal Eyeliner range. This one isn’t neon or uv-reflecting. The Neon Liquid eyeliners retail for £4 and the Liquid Eyeliners for £3. Very cheap and all, but what is the formula like?

Stargazer-neon-eyeliners-review-swatches (4) Stargazer-neon-eyeliners-review-swatches (5)

Having tried the colourful NYX eyeliners in the past (hated them) I was shocked to discover that I actually like these. The formula is one of the best on the market. Some shades are a bit more cracky than others, but the formula isn’t too dry or cracky across the board. I’m able to get sharp lines and the pigmentation is quite outstanding. Some shades need two or more layers, like the green one. However, most shades perform as best as a Neon Eyeliner could. The neon shades are vibrant and not dull at all. Even the purple is quite vivid.

SWATCHES Stargazer-neon-eyeliners-review-swatches (6) Stargazer-neon-eyeliners-review-swatches (7)


Overall, these eyeliners are pretty bomb. Sometimes, I feel like we have to lower our very high expectations of makeup. A purple eyeshadow will always have some patchiness. A white eyeshadow will always be a bit chalky. It’s about finding the best formula that companies are currently able to make. I would say that these Stargazer Neon Eyeliners (and the normal one) are definitely the best the market has to offer right now. I’m really smitten with them. The Stargazer Neon Eyeliners are available on I would recommend them if you’re into neon eyeliner and editorial makeup! I think I will purchase the yellow Neon Eyeliner and some of their other Neon stuff. So cheap and really good. What do you think of these eyeliners?
Lots of love and see you next time!

4 responses to “Stargazer Neon Eyeliners Review & Swatches”

  1. Wow, they look awesome! So bright and fun!

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    1. They’re indeed awesome! I love them!

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  2. Wow these swatches! So bright!! Love it

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    1. They’re very bright! Thanks for reading!

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