August Makeup Low Buy Haul

Hey loves,
So it’s been a while since I’ve shown you one of my low-buy hauls. I lost some of my determination a few months ago regarding my low buy but recently picked it up again. Here’s what I have bought for August!

My low buy started out great. I wasn’t spending a lot of money and I had what I needed. However, things started going downhill in May. I wasn’t following my low buy anymore and money was flying through the windows. I started to realise that I had to be determined again and follow the low buy. Reason being that my boyfriend and I will be living together next September in what we call a student dorm apartment. Otherwise known as a ‘Kot’ in Dutch. And that is quite expensive on its own. In June, I decided to commit to a No Buy July and it actually worked! I didn’t spend a single penny or cent on makeup or skincare. Honestly, it really felt amazing. So amazing that it lasted until the 12th of June. I was planning on buying a few things as soon as August began. But I never did. I’m actually really proud of not being too impulsive. However certain things had grown on my wishlist and on the 13th of August I placed an order on Beauty Bay. I’m also going to show you two palettes that I ordered from Colourpop & Juvia’s Place in June with the group on Facebook. That stuff usually takes a month to get here. But nothing from July!

Little June Haul

Colourpop Uh-huh-Honey palette $12 -€13,40
This palette is so lovely. I really love yellow eyeshadow and I was really excited when Colourpop released this palette. I’m really ecstatic about the variations of yellow with the mustards tones, the bright yellows and the lovely shimmers. I don’t think this palette will have shades to create a lot of depth but I do think it will be a nice complementary palette.


Juvia’s Place Afrique Palette $12 – €13,40
This palette is normally $20 but I bought it during a -40% sale. It ended up being €13,40. A bargain, a steal, a meal. I was really drawn to this palette because of the pastel yellow, the royal blue and the dark green. The overall colour scheme is interesting and I can’t wait to use this palette. I’m going to review the Douce palette first though. I still have that one lying around in my vanity haha.


August Haul

bPerfect Stacy Mary Carnival XL Pro Palette €46,95
bPerfect has been a brand that has interested me ever since they released their Stacy Mary Carnival palette. Everyone and their mother has been using that palette. I was about to purchase it when I saw that they were going to release the Carnival XL Pro palette. I felt like this palette was a better purchase to make because of what you get compared to the original Carnival palette. You get 40 shades and 3 highlighters for €46,95 whilst the original has 24 shadows and two highlighters for €45. So Carnival XL Pro is the way to go and I can’t wait to try it!


Face Halo The Modern Makeup Remover €20,25
Honestly, I have seen a lot of people use these makeup removers and I was so intrigued. I have been trying to be more environmentally conscious and I’m really tired of cotton pads. It’s a single-use product and just very wasteful. I was always hesitating if I wanted to purchase this because it has quite a hefty price tag. But the fact that you can re-use these and they are more environmentally sustainable won me over. So, I took the shot and bought it. I can’t wait to try this man!


BH Cosmetics Poolside Chich Brush Set €25
I have never tried BH Cosmetics brushes before and everyone raves about them. I really was in need of some brushes and I decided to buy this particular set. The face brushes look so soft and fluffy. The eye brushes also look fluffy and not too detailed. I really wanted some more blending brushes. I think I will really enjoy this set!


Makeup Revolution Precise Brow Pencil €3,00
I really needed a new brow pencil because I have run out of my Revolution Pro one and my ABH Dipbrow Gel has dried out already. I normally go for the NYX Micro Brow Pencil but I decided to go for this one from Makeup Revolution. One because it is cheaper and secondly because I wanted to try it out. I’ll let you know what I think!


That’s it for this month’s low buy haul. And a little bit of a June Haul haha. I’m really excited to try all of these products. And I’m really happy that I saved €12 on my low buy due to my Tribe points on Beauty Bay! The Colourpop palette looks so yellow and mellow. The bPerfect palette really inspires my creative brain. And I love the look of Afrique by Juvia’s Place. I’m really interested to see what I think of the Face Halo and the BH brushes! What did you buy this month? Are you also participating in a Low Buy or No Buy?

Lots of love and see you next time!

12 thoughts on “August Makeup Low Buy Haul

  1. That big palette is so dreamy. It contains so many beautiful shades, definitely perfect for all of those creative makeup looks. Brush set looks so good and I can’t believe that it’s that affordable. I need to check out BH cosmetics brushes definitely. Lovely haul. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really pretty! I got it and immediately did three looks with it haha. The brushes are really nice. I have been using them for a few days and it’s making me want to buy more brushes by BH Cosmetics! Thank you lovely xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooohhh I love the look of the Juvia’s Place palette! 😍 The brush set looks really nice too, I’m in desperate need of some new face brushes. It must be so hard to do a no buy/low buy, I don’t think I’d be very successful, especially with so many pretty new releases haha x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really interesting and beautiful! 😀 I’ve been using the brush set for a few days now and I must say that I really enjoy them. They’re very fluffy and the eye brushes work well. A low buy is definitely hard, especially when you love makeup a bit too much 😛 x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely post!!! I love that yellow eyeshadow palette by colourpop, it’s so pretty! Also, I should try these makeup removers as well. I want to be more conscious

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you lovely! The yellow palette is really stunning. I can’t wait to review it 😀 It’s definitely one of my favourites from their monochromatic line. The makeup removers are definitely a must if you want to be more conscious. Interesting to see if they will work x

      Liked by 1 person

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