Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette | Review & Swatches

Hey loves,
Today I will be reviewing the Colourpop Sweet Talk palette. A lot of hype has surrounded this palette and honestly, it looks quite dreamy. Today, I will tell you whether the talk about this palette is truly sweet talk or actually true. Let’s go!

colourpop-sweet-talk-palette-review-swatches (2) colourpop-sweet-talk-palette-review-swatches (3)

The packaging is adorable. The packaging is beautiful. I’m in love with the packaging. The soft hue of pink. The cut-out paper parts. The flowers for spring? Groundbreaking! Anywho, I think you can tell that I love the packaging of this palette. There’s something about it. I think this is the most beautiful palette Colourpop has ever done. You get 12 shades for the price of $18. The palette doesn’t include a mirror. You get seven mattes, two shimmers, two glitters and one super shock shadow. I think the colour scheme is lovely. Nice and peachy. Good for everyday use but with some fun shades to funk it up.

colourpop-sweet-talk-palette-review-swatches (4) colourpop-sweet-talk-palette-review-swatches (5)

The formula of the mattes is quite nice. Everything blends nicely and without a problem at all. Even the darkest shades don’t turn patchy when blending. They look a bit patchy when swatched but it’s a completely different story on the eyes. Some of the mattes do need some building up when it comes to pigmentation. But the general pigmentation is quite nice. I do think some of the mattes are rather dry. At least in comparison to my other Colourpop palettes.

colourpop-sweet-talk-palette-review-swatches (6)

The shimmers are true shimmers. Not metallic but not a wash of a sheen either. They’re quite subtle but still noticeable. They also feel quite creamy to the touch. Shimmers are lovely. The glitter shades are also very nice. The glitter particles aren’t too big or chunky. However, I still would recommend being careful. You should always be careful when applying glitter near the eye area. When carefulness is applied, these shades are a rather nice touch to the palette. I love the effect glitter has. The super shock shadow in this palette is weird and a bit of a surprise. However, it adds a nice sheen to any look and some extra dimension. I do think this will dry out rather quickly though.

Swatches + Look

colourpop-sweet-talk-palette-review-swatches (7)CSC_1933

Overall, I think this is a really beautiful palette with a formula that you can’t go wrong with. It has a nice colour scheme with a lovely peachy and pink vibe. It’s a nice palette for people who love these type of tones and that love a bit of glitter. Also, the packaging. Just be careful with the glitter and you’ll be good. The Colourpop Sweet Talk palette is available on and retails for $18.
That’s it for today’s review!
Lots of love and see you next time!

6 responses to “Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette | Review & Swatches”

  1. Lovely review, I love the look you created with this palette!!

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  2. Omg I am FLOORED by the look you created, that is so unique and absolutely cool! You combined the in trend graphic liner with this warm eye! Great review too on how each type was like!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw you’re too sweet! Thank you!! xx

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  3. This is my kind of palette! Love the loss you created! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s a really beautiful palette xx


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