Craving & Saving Holiday Collections

Hey loves,
Oh dear oh dear. It’s that time of the year again. A myriad of launches for the holiday season has arrived. In September of all months. Today I will take you through the launches that make me want to gag or spend all the money I have. Blogtober day 3, here we go!

(All images are retrieved from @Trendmood1 on Instagram or linked otherwise.)


Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb 2 & Liquid Diamond Bomb
Honestly, Fenty Beauty really knows how to grab my attention. The images are so beautiful and the products tempt me. However, I’m not in need of a pink highlighter that will take years to pan and I’m also not interested in a liquid highlighter thing for my body. These products are a bit unnecessary for me. Saving my coins on this!

Bobbi Brown Luxe Gems Eyeshadow Palette
This is a beautiful palette. The packaging looks lush and luxurious. However, I noticed that 4 shades look almost identical in the pan and will look exactly the same on the eyes. And with a price tag of $75, I don’t want shades that are indistinguishable.

Artist Couture Midnight Maven Eyeshadow Palette
Again, a really beautiful palette but I’m not interested. I already have pinks and purples and neutral browns in other palettes. It’s really beautiful and I love the colour scheme but I won’t spend the money on it. I won’t use it anyway, ya know? :/

Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes To Hypnotise Instant Eye Palette
Lord, the packaging is to die for. So luxurious and extravagant. It’s absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the inside is not my cup of tea. Shades I already own and never use on a daily basis. I also feel like the inside isn’t that special and you can get similar shades in her other palettes? And at $75, it’s not worth it in my opinion.

Natasha Denona Gold Collection
Consisting of a Mini Gold Eyeshadow palette and a Gold Shimmer Glow Duo, this is really unique and I really love the look of these shades. However, I need to keep it real and realise that I will hardly use these shades. Especially the highlighter duo as it will be too dark. The eyeshadow palette is stunning but limited in the looks that you can create and I think I have similar shades in other palettes. This was a hard one to pass but I will do it anyhow. I need to be strict here!

Natasha Denona Metropolis Eyeshadow Palette
Need I say more than ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE DOLLARS. $129!!! And eight gold shimmer shades that look exactly the same. GIRL BYE!

Charlotte Tilbury with another Pillow Talk Collection
Talk about a popular product and milking it to the absolute max. This collection is okay. It seems a bit repetitive. Shades you already own. The packaging looks really lovely but that’s it. I’m bored honestly, haha.

Any Holiday Collection by Too Faced Issa No
Too Faced bores me, unlike any other makeup brand. They seem so unoriginal and BORING. I’m sorry for being so blunt.

Any Holiday Collection by Path McGrath
I’m so sorry. I really love the look of her foundations and even some palettes and lipsticks. But her prices are… ridiculous. I couldn’t spend the money even if I really wanted to. It’s too expensive for being a piece of makeup.

Craving (honestly not a lot lol)

Fenty Beauty Gloss Posse Set
I love the gloss bomb and I love minis. I love minis because they don’t take ages to finish and I can try out products at a cheaper price and see whether I like it before taking the big jump and spending full price on it. This set of Gloss Bombs looks so lush and the shades are really beautiful. I’ve been wearing gloss non-stop in my daily life and the Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow the most. So this might be a little present to myself. But first I have to empty a few glosses I already own. Rules of the No-Buy!

Hourglass Cosmetics Ghost Collection
Goddamnit. I love Hourglass so much. I’m still debating whether or not I want to pick up a few of these products before my No-Buy. I really enjoy Hourglass powder, blushes and bronzers and their holiday palettes are a great way of trying them out. The palette seems a bit redundant to their previous palettes but beautiful nonetheless. I also love the look of the blush quad, Scattered light eyeshadow and lipsticks. I’m definitely craving this but not sure if I want to purchase it!

That’s it for this special edition of Saving & Craving, the holiday edition. There are not many collections that I look forward too as you just read. I feel like there are too many launches making me very fatigued. Which collection grabbed your interest?
Let me now and see you tomorrow!



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