My Favourite Beauty People on Youtube

Hey loves and welcome back to another blogtober post. Today is day six of blogtober and I want to introduce you to my favourite people to watch on youtube. Whether they’re very creative and editorial or minimalistic but glam, you will see it all!

Heather Moorehouse
Also known as Makeupmouse on Instagram. This girl is so incredibly talented and creative. Her more editorial looks are some of my favourites ever created. She also seems like such a down to earth person. Very sweet and knows what she’s talking about. I particularly like her Halloween makeup tutorials because they’re very original and she does a lot of research!
Click here to visit her Youtube account!

2019-10-04 (2)

Kathleen Lights
Kathleen is probably a favourite among many of you. She’s a very sweet person and I relate to her a lot. Some people say she’s boring but I do enjoy watching her videos. They’re not clickbaity (most of the time) and very entertaining. I feel like her content has gotten much better because she’s slowly but surely showing more of her personality.
Click to visit her Youtube account!

2019-10-04 (1)

Allana Davison
This girl is first of all hilarious. I really like her personality and humour. She’s always very honest about products, cheap or expensive. She’s one of the only few people that I still trust enough to buy something on her recommendation. Her aesthetic is also admirable and I love her fashion sense!
Click to visit her Youtube account!

2019-10-04 (3)

Shelbey Wilson
Need makeup minimalism but a lot of techniques and tips? This is the one for you. I recently found Shelbey and have binged her videos ever since. I think she’s a working or ‘retired’ makeup artist with lots of handy tips and tricks to apply your makeup in an easier or better way. She already has taught me so much.
Click to visit her Youtube account!

2019-10-04 (6)

Samantha Ravndahl
Ah, Samantha. She’s my favourite person on Youtube. Using her platform to encourage people to be more environmentally sustainable, use your existing makeup collection and her makeup is absolutely amazing. We have very similar preferences for makeup for daily life. Her humour is also TOP NOTCH. Love her.
Click to visit her Youtube account!

2019-10-04 (5)

Whitney Hedrick
Whitney Hedrick is the hero we all need. She talks about beauty hyperconsumerism, using our existing collection and how big companies are trying to brainwash us. She’s very blunt, saying exactly what’s on her mind and that’s sometimes what I need. She’s been on a yearly no buy and it has changed her life. I really enjoy watching her and her content. It makes me come back down to earth and realise that life isn’t only makeup.
Click to visit her Youtube account!

2019-10-04 (7)

Mariah Leonard
Mariah’s aesthetic is goals. It’s amazing. Inspired by vintage years and trends but made so originally. She’s also so good at giving original tips to enhance your makeup look. Complimentary shades, how to apply bronzer to match your face structure, etcetera. Her content is so amazing.
Click to visit her Youtube account!

2019-10-04 (4)

6 responses to “My Favourite Beauty People on Youtube”

  1. i’ve only heard of Kathleen Lights on this list! i have some youtube to watch ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

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    1. You do! I really enjoy all of these Youtubers! xx

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  2. I used to watch Allana all the time, but I kinda stopped watching beauty related videos, because all the makeup was getting a bit much haha. I can’t remember the last time I watched makeup tutorial, I usually like to watch vlogs and smaller youtubers, they seem so genuine. But Allana is definitely amazing, her makeup is always on point. xx

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    1. She’s indeed one of those people that tests new makeup all the time but I feel like she’s always very honest and I love her personality! And her makeup omg, amazing. xx

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  3. on this list, I only know Kathleen Lights :p and I love her, she is so cute!

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    1. Kathleen is truly so cute and very quirky haha! xx

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