Makeup & Skincare Empties

Hey guys, long time no see!
I’ve finally managed to do some work for my blog. It’s been a while and I will explain everything soon. Today I want to bring you a brand new video with all of my recent (read last six months) empties. Makeup and skincare. Everything is included! I’m actually really happy with the number of products I have emptied.

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5 thoughts on “Makeup & Skincare Empties

  1. Watched your empties video this morning and really enjoyed it. I love cleansing milks to remove makeup, it’s my favorite way to remove makeup, it’s so gentle and hydrating on skin. I didn’t try cleansing milk by Garnier, it looks really nice, I want to try it after I use up my current cleansing milk. xx

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    1. Thanks for watching lovely! Cleansing milks are really nice. I hope you can try this one soon. It’s really good for my skin type! Sorry for the late response, things have been a little hectic 😀 xx

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