Colourpop Crème Gel Liners Review and Swatches

Hello loves and welcome back!
Graphic eyeliner is all the rage right now. Bright colours are all the rage right now. And here I was, trying to find some good, cheap colorful liners when Colourpop released them. Today I will be letting you know if the Crème Gel Liners are worth the money, despite the cheap price tag!

The packaging is very simple, plain but effective. I find the packaging very handy for this type of product. You can easily find the colour that you’re looking for because the exterior packaging is the same colour as the product. The Colourpop Crème Gel liners contain 0,2 grams each and retails for $5,50. They’re supposed to be waterproof and longlasting. Furthermore, they’re vegan and cruelty-free. Big yay for that!

What I really love about this product is the many shades in the range. I think something must have happened since writing this post because Colourpop only has 14 shades left in this range? Why? I swear there were a lot more shades when I first bought these. Such a shame. Some shades are exclusively available in vaults. Vaults are nice but I’m a bit sad that so many shades have disappeared from individual purchase or the website in general.

Exit – Puppy – Prance – Crssd – Venus – Electric Daisy – Cry Baby

The formula is very mixed from shade to shade. Some shades are very dry, not creamy in application and a bit sheer. Whilst others are pigmented and really creamy. It’s truly hit or miss with these liners. I love the deep burgundy red but I don’t like the bright green that much. Overall, the formula is a bit meh. You have to build up the colour in the waterline with almost every shade. A tip that I would like to give you is the following. Don’t twist the product up too much because it will break and you might loose some product.

That’s it for today’s review. Do you have these liners and what do you think of them? What are your favourite eyeliner pencils like this? These liners are available here.
Lots of love and see you next time!

10 thoughts on “Colourpop Crème Gel Liners Review and Swatches

  1. Lovely review!! I actually own the beige shade of these liners and the pen broke because I twisted it too much XD such a shame. I thought the formula was meh too though! the colours you got look gorgeous though, too bad the green is not as good (I love that shade)

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