Three Looks One Palette: Bperfect Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro

Hey guys!
Today I’m re-introducing a series on my channel. The Three Looks One Palette series! Today’s palette is the Bperfect Carnival XL Pro palette (what a mouthful) in collaboration with Stacey Marie. It’s a beautiful palette with lots of colour and I got it back in August 2019. Today I will be showing you three very different looks that can be achieved with this palette. Please like, comment and subscribe to support the channel! 🙂

Preview of looks with the palette

Bperfect Carnival XL Pro palette:
UK & International:
Belgium & The Netherlands:

Social media:
Twitter: @peculiarbelgian
Instagram: @peculiarbelgian

See you next time and lots of love!

12 thoughts on “Three Looks One Palette: Bperfect Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro

  1. Stunning looks, I don’t know did I say this already, but you are really talented with creating different color combinations. Your colorful eye looks always look so interesting and different to anything I saw. Lovely video. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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