Kosas Color + Light Crème Velvet Melon

Hey loves and welcome back!
As you guys know, cream products have been a ride or die category for me in 2020. Probably one of the few things that have been exciting in 2020 lol. The Kosas Color + Light creme is a product that I always see on my insta feed and I couldn’t contain myself. So what’s the deal and how does it perform?

A luminous peach cream blush and highlighter duo for youthful vitality and juicy dewiness. A skin-conditioning, easy-to-apply, blendable blush paired with a complementary highlighter to wake up and balance your look.

The packaging is really cute. Well cute, I just like it haha. It’s very simplistic but you can recognize it quickly. Sleek, simple and recognizable are my favourite things. You have a black compact with the name of the brand in bold white letter. I also like the font of the text. That’s a bit weird, I know haha.

You get 9 grams of product, I’m not sure if that’s for each pan or the two colours together. Kosas is a clean beauty brand, which means that they formulate products with natural ingredients and leave out others like, parabens, sulfates and talc.

The Kosas Color & Light: Crèmes retail for €30 and is available on Cult Beauty, Sephora and Kosas.com

Ps: One thing I really like is their conversion from dollars to euro. $30 is €30 on their site and not more expensive. On Cult Beauty for example, this product retails for £32.

The Blush

The formula is beautiful. First of all, the blush. The blush is really pretty in terms of colour. It’s definitely a warm peachy and tends to lean quite orange on my skin tone. I love blushes that are warm toned because they melt together with your bronzer. This is just like one of those. It melts together with the bronzer and creates a beautiful warm flush to the cheeks. Contrary to other shades that I own, this has a certain freshness and vibrancy. You can still see the difference between the blush and the bronzer without having clear layers. It’s like a nice ombré!

The Highlighter

The highlighter is a pretty champagne. It’s a very nice colour for my skin tone. It’s not too dark so it doesn’t leave a dark cast on my cheekbones. It’s also not too light where you can see a stripe of silver on my face. Sometimes highlighter can be too icy and finding the balance between too light and too dark can be tricky. This highlighter melts into my skin and gives my face pure gloss. It’s almost like a translucent touch to the cheekbones. The blush and highlight melt together and become a very glossy finish on the skin without being too sticky or tacky!

Formula Blush
The formula is also quite interesting. The texture feels like a true cream formula. First quite stiff to the touch but quickly melts onto your fingers and cheeks. It’s a classic cream formula. However, something that I really adore about this blush is the blendability. This is the most fuss-free cream blush I have used to date. Fingers, brush or sponge, it doesn’t matter!

There’s quite a bit of pigment to this colour but you can build it up or down to your desired flush. It also leaves a nice luminosity to the cheeks. I almost feel like I don’t have to wear highlighter due to the glossiness of this formula.

Formula Highlighter
The formula of the highlighter is quite similar to the blush. It feels stiff at first but quickly melts due to the temperature of your fingers. The highlight is a bit more emollient than the blush though. It just has a bit more slip than the other component. This is why I don’t necessarily like to apply this with a brush (like the Real Techniques one) but rather with a sponge or fingers!

The highlighter doesn’t contain any glitter. It’s all pure glossiness which I appreciate so much because I dislike glitter in a highlighter SO much. The shine of this highlighter can be muted and natural or more intense depending on how much you build it up.

That’s it for today’s review. All in all, my first experience with Kosas has been a very pleasant one. I’ve been wearing this duo so much since buying it, haha. I actually already made quite the dent in the blush oops. And I oop. I think this is a very fuss-free and beginner friendly cream duo if you’re not used to working with them!

What do you think of this Kosas Velvet Melon Duo? What do you think of clean beauty?
Lots of love and see you next time!

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4 responses to “Kosas Color + Light Crème Velvet Melon”

  1. I’m getting a sephora voucher for my birthday and this has made it on my wishlist!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww omg! Hope you find it the best gift 😀 xx


  2. Love the blush! I like blushes with orange or peachy undertones much more than pinks. And the highlighter looks so good, too!

    Ledia | http://kbeautynotes.com/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a beautiful blush! I’m the same btw, I don’t like pink blush on me haha xx


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