ELF Primer Infused Blush Always Peachy

Let’s talk. A primer infused blush. E.l.f. cosmetics what is going on? Today we shall find out. Let’s review the Primer Infused Blush from ELF!

What’s the Primer Infused Blush by ELF?

According the e.l.f cosmetics this is a long-wear powder blush infused with primer for seamless blending and incredible staying powder. I’m still trying to figure out what the primer part is but okay.. let’s read some more information on the site, haha.

The key ingredients are Jojoba seed oil which will lock in moisture, shea butter which will nourish the skin for a smooth finish and bamboo stem powder which will control shine.

Furthermore (we’re getting academic in this post) it will give the cheeks a natural glow up with a pop of color that won’t budge. The formula is supposed to blend with ease and is rather buildable. Second skin whilst locking in moisture and providing a smooth, matte finish.

It’s suitable for all skin types. E.l.f. cosmetics is vegan and cruelty-free. The Primer Infused Blushes are available in six shades and retails for $6.00


Now my dear friends or regular readers, I don’t know how else to describe this then it being a matte powder blush. That’s what this blush is. I don’t necessarily see the primer aspect of this blush and I can’t see any glow-up or nourishing element.

However, it is a really pretty shade and beautiful powder formula. You might know that I’m rather fond of cream blushes but this blush is really cool. The orange peach hue this gives on you face is lovely and unique in my collection. The formula is buildable but be careful because it’s quite pigmented. One tiny dab will be enough for both cheeks.

Now I have dry skin so this can be a bit too powdery and dry for my liking. I don’t like to use too much or otherwise my cheeks look reminiscent of the Sahara. Other than that, the matte formula is gorgeous. It blends really easily and isn’t patchy. Expect a bit of kick-up/kick-back when putting your brush in this because the formula is definitely very powdery.


That’s it for today’s review. I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Love the blush, love the formula and colour. Just a bit too powdery for me sometimes. But gorgeous and very affordable!
What do you think of this blush? Let me know down below!
The ELF Primer Infused Blushes are available here.

Lots of love and see you next time!
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2 responses to “ELF Primer Infused Blush Always Peachy”

  1. Wonderful review! The shade is very pretty, I am not a huge fan of powder blushes cause they can make my skin look too powdery and dry, like you described it. Too bad it didn’t perform like it actually claims cause the brand made it sound like the blush is amazing. oh well

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    1. brand descriptions are sometimes reaaaally interesting haha :p and same, I love cream blushes so much more but this one is okay! x


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