Today is the day we’re finally doing another full face of Nabla Cosmetics. I really like this cruelty-free and almost completely vegan, Italian makeup brand. It’s been three years since my last video, let’s dive into this newness!

Nabla cupid’s arrow number 5 https://bit.ly/3OXGXTU
Nabla secret palette https://bit.ly/3I9PAZn
Nabla cutie midnight palette https://bit.ly/3Pip6r9
Nabla cutie analogue palette https://bit.ly/3a7WMc4
Nabla dreamy palette https://bit.ly/3nBVbOG
Nabla skin realist tinted balm https://bit.ly/3IqSXeN
Nabla skin bronzing bronzer ambra https://bit.ly/3P1aMTz
Nabla skin glazing blush independence https://bit.ly/3NGTom6
Nabla two reasons cream blush duo in soft nude https://bit.ly/3oLlsKy
Nabla skin glazing highlighter in ozone https://bit.ly/3xJCzRn
Nabla lip shaper lip pencil in shade number 2 https://bit.ly/3ycF1A3

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